Choral Speaking - A Better Tomorrow

I'm typing this because I want to memorize it .
Tomorrow is the day - Anugerah Cemerlang 2010 .
A choral speaking from 3 Bestari : )

In thunder and lightning , here we come .
Ladies and gentlemen , we the children of today present to you

Malaysia is a multi-racial country ,
A country that belongs to all Malaysian,
With a shared history and a believe in a shared future .
Only a five letter word ,
Yet the foundation of multi racial Malaysia .
A cultural melting pot ,
A unique heritage of different races ,
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world ,
Malaysia , Truly Asia .

We have dances from joget to ngajat ,
All swaying beautiful to our angklung ,
In our baju kurung , cheongsam and sari ,
We have Malaysian who have made us proud .
Datuk Jimmy Choo ,
A cheapest pair cost RM 3000 ,
Really ?
Datuk Bernard Chandran ,
The fashion designer , extraordinaire !
Datuk Azhar Mansor ,
The braze seafaring adventurer .
Datuk Siti Nur Haliza ,
The song bird ,
Datuk Michelle Yeoh ,
The Bond Girl .

Malaysian love their food ,
The menu for breakfast , lunch and dinner will be as varied as it's people .
Char Kuey Tiow ,
Roti Canai ,
Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik ,
And don't forget the king of fruit , the Durian .
Eeeeeee ...
Nice la ...
How about the sago worms ?
Hey , they are delicious .
And nutritious .
Our famous Sarawak kek lapis ,
Exported to the rest of the world .
So defined , So refined , So divine .

The range is totally out of the world ,
From bullock carts to Gen-2 ,
Steam locomotives , monorails and ...
Believe it or not ,
RM 9.99 air ticket to Bali .
Now , everyone can fly .
Travelling has become a breeze .

Our famous Petronas Twin Tower ,
Wahh ...
A symbol of our aspiration ,

Cyberspace have become an important platform ,
For people to get what they want ,
It's the preferred choice ,
Among the younger generation ,
Like us !

Blogging is now becoming a trend ,
I have a blog ,
I have a blog too ,
Mine's multiply (My line - it's true what )
We all have blogs ,
Hey , even our politicians have blogs .
The internet cannot be neglected .
What will happen if we do ?
It will be like leaving our sword behind in a battle .

Into the final frontier ,
Here we come with our handsome angkasawan .
Uuuuuuu ...
A small step for Dr Syeikh Muszhafar ,
A giant leap for all Malaysians ,
He is the symbol of possibility ,
If he can do it , So can we .

In the world of sport ,
We have our fare shared of joy and tears ,
Agony of defeat , Glory of success .
We have made of presence felt in more ways than one .
Datuk Nicole Ann David ,
Squashing her rivals ,
Danial Bego and Bryan Lomas ,
Making wave whereever they go ,
With their skill and dexterity ,
Datuk Shalin Zulkifli ,
Will bowl you over ,
Strike ! Yes !
Datuk Lee Chong Wei ,
Ruling the courts over the world .
Our Malaysians sport star ,
A beacon of hope and inspiraton .

Our tourist spot are the best among the world ,
Sipadan , a heaven for divers ,
Penang , Pearl of Orient ,
Malacca , Historical City ,
Terengganu , home to the leatherback turtles ,
Sarawak , land of the Hornbills ,
Come one , come all if you will .
Mulu Caves ,
World Herritage Site .

We the present generation must ensure that our flora and fauna ,
And our rich biodiversity , must remain intact .
We must safegurad it for our future generation ,
We , the youths of Malaysia want a country ,
Founded on security , peace and prosperity ,
Upholding the principle of our Rukun Negara ,
We want forward thinking Malaysians ,
To meet the challenges of globalization ,
Let us all work together ,
Hand in hand to create A BETTER TOMORROW .

One voice ,
One hope ,
One nation ,