According to my status ( Facebook ) , mengikut Kamus Dewan , HIBURAN bermaksud sesuatu (perbuatan,benda,dll) untuk menghiburkan (menyenang,menenteramkan) hati . Jadi , terpulang pada setiap individu untuk mengekspreskan dirinya dalam hiburan  :) Itu hak saya , kawan .

In English - According to Kamus Dewan , ENTERTAINMENT mean something (actions, objects,etc.) to entertain (comforting, reassuring) . So , it's up for each individual to express himself in entertainment :)

Like my situation , I really really really really really really really love KPOP . KPOP is the best selection for me , if it is not the best for others , never-m . As long I never curse or show that I hate their favourite so much , don't curse or show that you hate KPOP so much . We should have some respect here . Not some but FULL respect .
It is just like our favourite food . Not everyone love vegetables and not everyone love Mc'Donalds, rite ?
I love Kpop for the first time because of the QUALITY . Not because of their handsomenesss or whatnesss :)
It depends on each person eyes . 

There is a boy or girl who said to me that he never understand people today who love Kpop . He will never understand because he have no respect . And he said to me , those people I love or like so much never know or care about me . So what ? Sometimes it will be happy if we are in our own world . I'm Malay and I'm Muslim .

Mengikut batas-batas agama , selagi perkara itu tidak melalaikan , kita boleh meminatinya . Jadi , janganlah LALAI .

If I'm jealous of the couples there , that doesn't mean that I  want to couple or marry with them damn so much . I'm not angry but I need some respect here . At least , I never set Korean artist's picture as my profile picture . HYPOCRITE rite ? There is only Korean artist's picture there and you are advising me to wake from my dream . Ouh puh-leaaaaseee :)

Blah Blah Blah , you do not want to accept my fact ? 
Never-m . Long time ago , I'm very very very very very anti with a group , Girl's Generation ... then I started to realize that other people will hate me too . So , I stop anti them . I started to respects others favourite . I've unlike all the anti-page . 
Puh-leaseeeee , RESPECT okaaaay ? :)