Why Kpop is the best selection ?

Kpop artist is really really really really really handsomee and cute :P - if you're not blind
They are talented and trained for many years so that they became a super duper artist .
Their dance is so awesome ! Eventhough they learned it from their choreographer but they practice and do it well .
Their fans are very supportive because total number of album sold reach almost 300 00 copies .
Their fashion is very very very very like a super fashionista and up to date .
Their drama is very very very very intesting and totally perfect . Ex : He's Beautiful , Boys Over Flower , Secret Garden , My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and etc .
Their variety show is very infective not like others - only know to talk . I give you example ; Star King really unbelievable , Strong Heart really imprensive and etc . You should search for it .
And , they have fans from all over the world .
They also made their name in Guinnes Book of Record ,
Ex : TVXQ - Having the largest official fan club(over 800 thousand-not include unregistered)  and photograped over 500 million times in magazines , album jacket , commercial film and etc .
Super Junior - The largest boy band in the world with 13 members .
So , no doubt that KPOP is AWESOME .
Join this world and you will always feel the love and happines !

Top Best Song
2.Sorry Sorry-Super Junior
3.Gee-Girl's Generation
4.Ring Ding Dong-SHINee
5.Nobody-Wonder Girls
6.Shy Boy-Secret
7.Before The Dawn-Infinite
10.Bo Peep Bo Peep-T-Ara

You should listen to it !