Date with my husband and Super Junior M 110528

That was my special day ever . At first , I don't want to go but my mom allowed me . So happy . Luckily Sahira went there with her sister's car . We arrive around 3-4 pm . Round and round to find the stage and finally found the stage even we were not sitting in front . But I can see them ( by standing on a chair ) I'm so short , you know ? Sahira and I wait from 6 o'clock . HAHA . The concert started at 10 p.m. So crazy but so many ELF there .

Yess , the concert started at 10 p.m . And they were singing Perfection as intro . I know it was lip sync and I know , that song was very hard to sing especially in Chinese . Never mind , my boys . Then , the MC had a chat with them . After that , they perform for another song , Blue Tomorrow . It is so sad coz there is no Siwon and DongHae . ( for sure it was more sad coz there is no HanGeng ) . Those two were very busy with their work in Taiwan . Siwon trying to comfort Malaysian ELf by twitting so many those day . HAHA .

5 lucky girls and 1 man have a chance to stand on stage with them , ask them a question and hug them ! So jealous but I know , if I was on the stage ... the thing that I can do is smiling . So , thanks :) For Henry , a malay girl ask him .
-What do you like about ELF ? -
Henry answered ( only remember those words )
-I love everything about ELF . They are so beautiful .-
For RyeoWook , a Japanese who can speak Chinese asked him . ( I do not remember the question . HAHA )
For SungMin , as I remember , it was a boy who asked him . ( I only focused on KyuHyun that time )
For ZhouMi , he bended his knee for the girl . Ouh my <3
For EunHyuk , the girl got back hug . So lucky . And EunHyuk also bended his knee and kiss HIS hand . HAHA ^^
And for my hubby , KyuHyun .. the girl was crying . So happy , I guess . Then , she got the longest time to hug . Grrr ~~ Ouh , the girl ask him .
-Which you like the most , game or fans ?-
KyuHyun look like cannot answer it . HAHA . His cute answer :
Seriously in Malay . HAHA !

They performed solo performances too .  Henry with Off My Mind . Zhou Mi .. I don't know . RyeoWook and KyuHyun also I don't know what song . Haha . But the most I like is EunHyuk's dance . He was very charismatic :) Then , they performed another song , Destiny and the ending song was Super Girl . And it was time to say goodbye . Annyeong Super Junior M but I'm very excited that time because SungMin told us to wait for Super Junior comeback this August . Argh ! SungMin's english was really WOW !

*Ouh my , thanks a lot to the MC who tought them say SAYANG SAYANG SAYANG . And CINTA YOU SAYANG . Thanks ! I reallly love Super Junior M . They are the best :) Thumbs up !


Friendship :)

Hey friends , you dont want to be friend with me ?
Okaay , let me tell you why we must no break up .
1.When you decide to study at midnight till 4.00 am , I am with you-even we are far away-but I accompany you . Remember or not ? I always call you to make sure that you are not sleeping yet .
2.When you lost your precious item , I spent an hour in the afternoon to find it for you . Even I found nothing but , it is not enough to you ?
3.If I have some problems , I always share it with you-mean I always rely on you and you are my crying shoulder.
4.It has been almost 2 years we are together and got lot of memories to keep with you .
5.You was born to be friend
But ...
Why are you being like this ? Have I did anything wrong to you ? Even if I hurt you with my word , it always because you hurt me first and it was a joke . I know I can live without you but I cannot live in a heartbreak condition . It is too obvious . I am telling you this , here , because I don't want to be such a hypocrite person . That is not me . And if you think that I am one of the factor that made your exam results so bad , I'm sorry but I need to tell you this , it is your own responbility to study or focus in whatever subject . Don't blame it on me . And if you think that I am so cruel to you or always hurt your feeling , copycat or whatsoever , why didn't you change your attitude ? All of this is because of your attitude . I don't care at all if you are so very really sensitive or not , but I need to tell you this . I am tired to be a good friend of you . Don't blame me , if I hurt your feeling more and more .

When friends let you DOWN  and are not there for you when you need them the most , its very heart wrenching .
Sometimes the reason why friends BETRAY you is just not known , which leaves you with a feeling of guilt that may be something went wrong from your side.
In case of Betrayal , being at the receiving end leaves you HURT CONFUSED and ANGRY .
You demand answers as to WHY have you been BETRAYED for absolutely no fault of yours .
The talks END abruptly , phone calls are not returned . HATE it as much as you want , you will have to come to terms with reality and ACCEPT that things were not meant to be.


I want to know .

I want to know , I really want to know . What is your feeling , boy ?
When you smile to me , what is your feeling ?
When you talked to me , what is your feeling ?
When you cheer me up , what is your feeling ?
I just want to know your true feeling .
The way you smile make me confuse .
The way you talk make me confuse .
The way you cheer me up make me confuse .
It is love ? Yes , girls are complicated ! That's why I need your answer .
What is your true feeling ?

My Favourite Boy :)

1.Boy yang manja tapi bukanlah manja sangat
2.Boy yang berdikari walaupun manja
3.Boy yang ada kelebihan yang saya tak ada
4.Boy yang ada seorang kakak
5.Boy yang sangat cute
6.Boy yang tingginya normal ( saya pendek )
7.Boy yang bertanggungjawab
8.Boy yang suka senyum macam saya
9.Boy yang baik 
10.Boy yang sangat taat kepada ibu bapa

Yang lain , akan dinilai :D

I'm worried about them .

It's exam week but I'm still blogging .
I told you that I can't leave my blog !
I want to story something simple for you but hard for me .
I'm worried about them ? Who ? Why ?
Who ? - My friends
Why ? - They don't like me but they still acting nicely in front of me .
I just don't want them to be so hypocrite .
I admit that I was so very sensitive this year but frankly speaking ... I just don't like their style .
This year , PMR is waiting for me . So , I don't want this matter affect our study .
Friend , let just be friend .
Enemy , let just be  enemy .
Frankly speaking , it's hard for me to hate someone .
It's true . Even you call me somewhatever , I still can give you a big smile - to show my dimple ! HAHA !
Huh ? I'm talking nonsense ? Yeah , that's true . Help me please !