Date with my husband and Super Junior M 110528

That was my special day ever . At first , I don't want to go but my mom allowed me . So happy . Luckily Sahira went there with her sister's car . We arrive around 3-4 pm . Round and round to find the stage and finally found the stage even we were not sitting in front . But I can see them ( by standing on a chair ) I'm so short , you know ? Sahira and I wait from 6 o'clock . HAHA . The concert started at 10 p.m. So crazy but so many ELF there .

Yess , the concert started at 10 p.m . And they were singing Perfection as intro . I know it was lip sync and I know , that song was very hard to sing especially in Chinese . Never mind , my boys . Then , the MC had a chat with them . After that , they perform for another song , Blue Tomorrow . It is so sad coz there is no Siwon and DongHae . ( for sure it was more sad coz there is no HanGeng ) . Those two were very busy with their work in Taiwan . Siwon trying to comfort Malaysian ELf by twitting so many those day . HAHA .

5 lucky girls and 1 man have a chance to stand on stage with them , ask them a question and hug them ! So jealous but I know , if I was on the stage ... the thing that I can do is smiling . So , thanks :) For Henry , a malay girl ask him .
-What do you like about ELF ? -
Henry answered ( only remember those words )
-I love everything about ELF . They are so beautiful .-
For RyeoWook , a Japanese who can speak Chinese asked him . ( I do not remember the question . HAHA )
For SungMin , as I remember , it was a boy who asked him . ( I only focused on KyuHyun that time )
For ZhouMi , he bended his knee for the girl . Ouh my <3
For EunHyuk , the girl got back hug . So lucky . And EunHyuk also bended his knee and kiss HIS hand . HAHA ^^
And for my hubby , KyuHyun .. the girl was crying . So happy , I guess . Then , she got the longest time to hug . Grrr ~~ Ouh , the girl ask him .
-Which you like the most , game or fans ?-
KyuHyun look like cannot answer it . HAHA . His cute answer :
Seriously in Malay . HAHA !

They performed solo performances too .  Henry with Off My Mind . Zhou Mi .. I don't know . RyeoWook and KyuHyun also I don't know what song . Haha . But the most I like is EunHyuk's dance . He was very charismatic :) Then , they performed another song , Destiny and the ending song was Super Girl . And it was time to say goodbye . Annyeong Super Junior M but I'm very excited that time because SungMin told us to wait for Super Junior comeback this August . Argh ! SungMin's english was really WOW !

*Ouh my , thanks a lot to the MC who tought them say SAYANG SAYANG SAYANG . And CINTA YOU SAYANG . Thanks ! I reallly love Super Junior M . They are the best :) Thumbs up !


Friendship :)

Hey friends , you dont want to be friend with me ?
Okaay , let me tell you why we must no break up .
1.When you decide to study at midnight till 4.00 am , I am with you-even we are far away-but I accompany you . Remember or not ? I always call you to make sure that you are not sleeping yet .
2.When you lost your precious item , I spent an hour in the afternoon to find it for you . Even I found nothing but , it is not enough to you ?
3.If I have some problems , I always share it with you-mean I always rely on you and you are my crying shoulder.
4.It has been almost 2 years we are together and got lot of memories to keep with you .
5.You was born to be friend
But ...
Why are you being like this ? Have I did anything wrong to you ? Even if I hurt you with my word , it always because you hurt me first and it was a joke . I know I can live without you but I cannot live in a heartbreak condition . It is too obvious . I am telling you this , here , because I don't want to be such a hypocrite person . That is not me . And if you think that I am one of the factor that made your exam results so bad , I'm sorry but I need to tell you this , it is your own responbility to study or focus in whatever subject . Don't blame it on me . And if you think that I am so cruel to you or always hurt your feeling , copycat or whatsoever , why didn't you change your attitude ? All of this is because of your attitude . I don't care at all if you are so very really sensitive or not , but I need to tell you this . I am tired to be a good friend of you . Don't blame me , if I hurt your feeling more and more .

When friends let you DOWN  and are not there for you when you need them the most , its very heart wrenching .
Sometimes the reason why friends BETRAY you is just not known , which leaves you with a feeling of guilt that may be something went wrong from your side.
In case of Betrayal , being at the receiving end leaves you HURT CONFUSED and ANGRY .
You demand answers as to WHY have you been BETRAYED for absolutely no fault of yours .
The talks END abruptly , phone calls are not returned . HATE it as much as you want , you will have to come to terms with reality and ACCEPT that things were not meant to be.


I want to know .

I want to know , I really want to know . What is your feeling , boy ?
When you smile to me , what is your feeling ?
When you talked to me , what is your feeling ?
When you cheer me up , what is your feeling ?
I just want to know your true feeling .
The way you smile make me confuse .
The way you talk make me confuse .
The way you cheer me up make me confuse .
It is love ? Yes , girls are complicated ! That's why I need your answer .
What is your true feeling ?

I'm worried about them .

It's exam week but I'm still blogging .
I told you that I can't leave my blog !
I want to story something simple for you but hard for me .
I'm worried about them ? Who ? Why ?
Who ? - My friends
Why ? - They don't like me but they still acting nicely in front of me .
I just don't want them to be so hypocrite .
I admit that I was so very sensitive this year but frankly speaking ... I just don't like their style .
This year , PMR is waiting for me . So , I don't want this matter affect our study .
Friend , let just be friend .
Enemy , let just be  enemy .
Frankly speaking , it's hard for me to hate someone .
It's true . Even you call me somewhatever , I still can give you a big smile - to show my dimple ! HAHA !
Huh ? I'm talking nonsense ? Yeah , that's true . Help me please !