I'm worried about them .

It's exam week but I'm still blogging .
I told you that I can't leave my blog !
I want to story something simple for you but hard for me .
I'm worried about them ? Who ? Why ?
Who ? - My friends
Why ? - They don't like me but they still acting nicely in front of me .
I just don't want them to be so hypocrite .
I admit that I was so very sensitive this year but frankly speaking ... I just don't like their style .
This year , PMR is waiting for me . So , I don't want this matter affect our study .
Friend , let just be friend .
Enemy , let just be  enemy .
Frankly speaking , it's hard for me to hate someone .
It's true . Even you call me somewhatever , I still can give you a big smile - to show my dimple ! HAHA !
Huh ? I'm talking nonsense ? Yeah , that's true . Help me please !