Love Philosopher :P

1.We're given only today and never promise tomorrow . So be sure to tell someone you love them <3
2.If you love that person , don't ever say no , I'm not gonna tell him because he won't love me back because you never know what that person is thinking .
3.Love is just a word until you find someone that gives it definition . You have definition already right ? Love is life and if you miss love , you miss life .

CREDIT : Fidayatul Azwaneyda :)

Unexpressed Love

A guy had cancer and had only 30 days left . He liked a girl working in a CD shop but never told her about his feeling . Everyday he used to buy a CD just to spend sometime with her . After a month , he died . When the girl went in search for him , his mum told he died out of cancer and took her to his room , where she saw all the CDs  unopened and the girl started crying . You know why ? She had love letter's for him inside the CD's . Both loved but never expressed .

So readers , why not we tell someone we loved that we love them ? Don't hide your feeling cause you will regret it and live a suffer life :)

The Special One

In life , you meet many people . But you can remember only some , who made a difference in your life . And I know that I am one of those people . Because I made you read this short and useless post . And I am making you read more . Now , thats making a difference in your life . But people like you don't learn easily and continue reading silly post like this . Okaay , now STOP READING . Will you stop reading ? Hello ? I said STOP READING ! Haish -_-"

Love Choose You

If you find yourself in love with someone and that someone does not love you ... be gentle to yourself . There is nothing wrong with you but love just did not choose you to rest in that someone's heart . If you find someone in love with you and you cannot answer that love ... feel honoured that love has came by and called on your door ... but gently refuse the feeling you cannot return as love did not choose to settle in your heart . If you find yourself in love with someone and the love return ... it still can happen that love choose to leave ... do not try to reclaim it and do not asses any blame . Let it go . Despite the pain , there is a reason and meaning to this ... you cannot choose love by yourself , LOVE CHOOSE YOU :)

Originally copy by Nanaz :D

Life Couldn't Get Better - Miracle

I think it's enough for me . I'm not giving up but if I had done something wrong , I think I already apologize . It is the best and the right thing to do since I don't know the reason you were being like this . But if you think that my unpurposely word hurt your sensitive feeling , you should tell me . I'm doing the best to be your bestfriend and I will not regret to have a friend like you because I know , Allah will give me a better life . Thanks .

Blood type tells personality ?

Ouh really ? Blood type tells personality . I gonna share about blood type and their personality . Read this , analysis it and tell me your blood group . But ask your parent first what is their blood type . For me , my mother's blood type is O and my father's blood type is AB . So , my blood type might be A or B :)

-Cannot stand people who hide the truth
-Make objectives clear
-Posses great deal of confidence
-Honest,optimistic and energetic
-Strength and endurance depend on their aim
-Give up easily if they find the job meaningless
-Postive about the past , thus do not regret about the past
-Seek financial stability for the future
-Usually stable and calm
-Sensitive toward sincerity
-Give frank,direct opinion
-Ability to concentrate vary from time to time , depending on aim
-Most prefer to lead
-Can overlook details

-Pesimistic and too sensitive
-Careful about decision making
-Make thing clear in black and white
-Care too much about social rules and standard
-High tolerance for physical or repetitive work
-Cannot take changes easily
-Lose interest in a hobby easily
-Try hard to forget the past
-Pesimistic about the future
-Able to display cool outlook eventhough angry
-Short tempered
-Take longer to heal a broken heart
-Sensitive to other's opinion
-Handle one thing at a time
-Work a line between work and personal affair
-Highly responsible
-Tend to choose hobbies which help them release stress

-Cannot take order easily
-Make decision fast
-Can be flexible
-Do not care about rules
-Respect scientific and practical finding
-Maintain the longest interest in what they do
-Seem impatient
-Dislike repetititous work
-Hard to forget recent affairs , but able to forget past and memories
-Cool and objective
-Although joke a lot , actually be very shy
-Change mood like the weather
-Cannot stop complaining when they are upset
-Creative and posses new idea
-Cannot differeniate between work and hobby
-Cannot take orders
-Do not hesitate to introduce innovative changes and are not worried about theirs criticisms

-Romantic and sentimental
-Extremely practical
-Excellent in analyses
-Give fair criticisms
-Cannot decide when it come to important issue
-Try to be hardworking
-Tend to be impatient
-Sentimental about the past
-More concern about the immediate problem than anything else
-Usually cool and steady but can get upset with an immediate unsolved problem
-Can get mood easily
-Able to handle a wide scope of jobs
-Value hard work
-Quick in understanding
-Not highly responsible and unable to follow-up on a project until its completion
-Tends to be artistic in approach