8 Ways To Stay Cool :)

Today is the dinner date . For sure all of you will be completely ready to have a dinner with your love . Hmm , but what should you do if something terrible happen to you that night ? Must be embarrassing! But I got tips on how to stay cool and make you look cuter in front of your love :P

Wrong Name
Opps ! His name is KyuHyun but you called him HeeChul . Just stay cool , okaay ? Tell him that the boy behind him looks like your ex-classmate but you are not so sure . Say it with confident okaay ?

Food Stuck On Teeth
Ouh my ! So embarassing . Girls , just cover your mouth while smiling . Tell him : Maybe it happened to me so that you will never forget me :P

Wearing The Same Clothes With Other Girls There 
You think that you're the most beautiful girl there but suddenly there is a girl wearing the same clothes with you . And your boy is smiling . Take it easy . Just smile like him and tell him that the clothes that you are wearing is a hot item now ! Warn him to not be surprised if he found another clothes like that . HAHA :D

Spilling Drinks
Take a tissue and don't be so panic . Just keep calm and tell him that you will feel guilty if you spill the drink on his clothes . 

Your Stomach Growls
It was so romantic with the melodious romantic music but suddenly ... your stomach growls . Ouh my , are you that hungry ? Hmm , just pretend that you don't hear it . But if the boy ask you , say sorry to him or you can deny it :)

You and him are walking along the beach . That time , you are wearing high heels and suddenly you sprain your leg . It is even worse if you 'melatah' that time . Hmm , to cover it .. pretend that your leg hurt so much . He will help you and maybe he will massage your leg . So sweet rite ?

Torned Clothes
Ouh my ! Torned ? Act as if you are sad and tell him that the clothes was a gift from your mom . He will be sympathy towards you . If he is a romantic guy , he will buy another clothes for you . Youm must be happy rite ?

Food Stuck On The Lips
Food stuck on your lips and he told you that . Remove it and smile . Ask him : You don't want to remove it for me ? He will smile at your cute question and maybe he will remove it for you . Yeah !

Try it okaay ? It will be so cute :D