I Love You A Thousand Times

Heart beats fast . How to be brave ? How can I love when I'm afraid to fall but watching you stand alone ? All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow . I have died everyday waiting for you . Don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years and I'll love you for a thousand more . Time stands still . I will be brave and I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me . Every breath , every hour has come to this . And all along I believed I would find you . Time has brought your heart to me . I have loved you for a thousand years and I'll love you for a thousand more .
I love you for 999 years , 364 days , 23 hours , 59 minutes and 59 seconds . You just have to love me for 1 second . When you do , my thousand year love will be complete .

When I Miss You

A hundred days have made me older since the last time that I saw your face . A thousand lies have made me colder and I don't think I can look at this the same . But all the miles that separate us disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face . I'm here without you but you're still on my lonely mind . I think about you and I dream about you all the time . I'm here without you but you're still with me in my dreams . The miles just keep rolling as the people leave their way to say hello . I've heard this life is overrated but I hope that it gets better as we go . Everything I know and anywhere I go , it gets hard but it won't take away my love . And when it's all said and done , it gets hard but it wont take away my love .
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing , watch you smile while you are sleeping . While you're far away and dreaming , I could spend my life in this sweet surrender . I could stay lost in this moment forever . Where every moment spent with you is the moment I treasure . I don't want to close my eyes . I don't want to fall asleep cause I'd miss you . I don't want to miss a thing because even when I dream of you the sweetest dream will never do . I'd still miss you and I don't want to miss a thing . Lying close to you feeling your heart beating and I'm wondering what you're dreaming . Wondering if it's me you're seeing . Thank God we're together . I just want to stay with you in this moment forever and ever . I don't want to miss one smile . I don't want to miss one kiss . I just want to be with you . Right here with you , just like this . I just want to hold you close . Feel your heart so close to mine and just stay here in this moment for all the rest of time .

60 Seconds

My tears won't stop flowing whenever I think of you . Maybe you are only one who know why I am still single till now . Are you missing me even though both of us are now in two different worlds ? As long as the time still go on , I will wait for you . Let me keep all this memories till I reach there . Just let me live in peace . Just remember one thing , my love . You are not visible anymore but my love for you is eternal .

Dew in the dawn spread the hope . I count every second . Is this the time I have to go ? God , I love him . Let me live . I will never hurt him . Punish me if it happen . It's not easy for me to love .  It's not easy for me confess . It's not easy for me to say that I'm in love . My lullaby is only for him . My prayer is only for You . No doubt , I swear I love him till the end of my life .

All My Love Is For You


Boy , I just want to love you . You open up my heart . I know and I believe in love at first sight . When I open my eyes in the morning , I can feel the kiss that left with me in last night dream . The feeling is still there and I smile all day long thinking about you . So I pray for you . So I promise you . I promise you that I am going to believe that it's you who I love . Will you come to me ? I want to be just a little closer to your embrace . I love you , my love . I will always going to be this way .  You love me . Then and now those words still make my heart race . I will wait but I am afraid that this feeling of emptiness might just be my own selfishness .  Even if I'm afraid of loneliness, I genuinely want you . You're the only one who makes my heart race and the only one for me . I love you so much and I'm always so thankful . So I love you

I never once forgot you . I thought of only you . Then what about you ? Did you forget me ? My tears fall from my eyes . I feel betrayed . I thought of finding you . I don't really know . In my eyes , you are the only one in the world . I don't have anything to say . I can't go on . I don't have tears . Look at me in front of you . Me , who lives for you alone . The time came for us to meet . You are in front of me , crying with nervousness . I dried your tears then I held your hand . I'm going to rise and give you whose been with me a happiness :) In my heart , I've found you . I can see the light that brightens me . I can't let go of the eternal happiness . Can you see me ? Call my name ! I will stay by your side . I love you ! Let's be together , you and me forever

Miss You

It hurts since I can’t forget everything . It looks like here is not the place where you’re supposed to be . You don’t have to hold back for me .  Everything will end someday anyway .  My love just can’t seem to reach you .  Just as much as the amount of tears that flowed , it’s still far away to go . I have to forget you but I miss you so much . Even if you never know how much it hurts , I will forget you . I’m a fool , you know me . My heart’s been ripped apart, but I can only smile . I’ll still be waiting for you till forever . As I will keep hiding my tears . Would you come back to me ? To forget you , even to erase you .  For me they are very difficult things to do .  My heart just doesn't seem to reach you . Tears keep rolling down like crazy . I think I can’t do it . I can’t forget you . Even if I just feel like dying , I can’t let go of your love . I'll live this way .

Let's Not

Saying that at this moment is for the last time to you whom I loved so much . Even if you try to turn back time , even if you hold onto me crying , I was the one who said no and bid our farewell . I always act strong but I’m a coward who didn't have the confidence to protect you forever and left . Don’t love someone like me again . Don’t make someone to miss again . Go and meet someone who loves you so much till they can’t go a day without you . Please ... It's hurt when you try to hold me back  but I’m a coward who doesn't have the confidence to give happiness to anyone beside you . Even if we are ever to regret our breakup , I can’t do anything but give you our last farewell . Don’t cry in pain , counting the time that’s passed . Don’t miss a foolish love that’s already passed . Go and  meet someone who loves you so much till they can’t go a day without you .  Please , I hope that you’ll be happy . Let’s never meet again ...

I already know about it . I even ask and you deny it . It's okay . But I think it's better you tell me the truth . Because I'm okay if you don't want to tell me about that . I just want to know the reason . And you can live happily after telling me the reason . I won't bother you anymore . It's only hurt my heart . Because I already know it and you deny it . It's hurt . Just imagine you face the same situation as me . I know you're the type who does not care but I know your heart will be slightly hurt , rite ? Everyone have feeling and of course , the feeling is mutual when it comes to this kind of situation . I don't know why I am the one who always hurt the most whenever I involve myself in this relationship . People leave me , do not care about me , hate me , annoyed me even though I never do that to anyone . If I do , it is not me who start all this . It's the another person . Sincerely , a person with heart and feeling :)

p/s : Ignore my grammar . I'm like this when I'm emotional .


When I was standing at the end of the world and couldn't see the path , I needed someone .
When I was trapped in the darkness and couldn't see the light ,  I was waiting for the helping hand .
You wouldn't know that you are the only one in the world who is the only one better than the world .
I believe dream for you and me .
You are the long waited rain in my though day . You soaked my heart and gave me courage .
You make me fly and smile again .
Coming into my arms and giving happiness silently just like a rainbow after a shower
I wanna make a love .
When you found out that I ran away were you disappointed ?
I had courage to come back because you were there .
You’re the one always in my heart .
Lonely night , it’s an endless and stuffy dark night .
Those are the days when I cried alone during the dark nights .
In lieu of the people who would only hurt my callow heart and my heart was having a earthquake .
But that’s okay . You make a way .
The person who will be always guiding me is you .
The only reason of living on you .
Within my desert you are my Oasis

Dedicated to : BB

Etude Memory

I was inexperienced when it comes to love , but you accepted me .
I used to not know the meaning of life , until you were beside me .
I didn’t know how to smile , until you made me .
I was cold-hearted , but you changed me .
Boy , you don’t know how much you mean to me .
You are the angel in my life , so please don’t ever leave me .
I love you and only you . You do love me too don’t you ?
Boy , let’s stay like this forever .
You and me , let’s grow old together .
Let’s watch our grandchildren play .
Let’s tell them together our story how it turned out to be okay .
 Thank you for being mine .
I am forever yours .
Hug me tight and never let go .
The two of us will go on forever .
Someday we’ll openly show everyone our love .
When that day comes I will never let go of your hands .
I love you. These past two years has been nothing but bliss .
Thank you 

#HappyAnniversary , Hubby ;)

It's War

I'm not supposed to be here anymore .
I hate the world in this room .
I get pain only by looking .
I get pain only by staring at .
It's not my fault actually .
They didn't know what happened to me .
I don't care about that .
But they didn't know what I actually do .
They take an action without talking to me .
They talk about me without knowing anything about me .
I hate the world of hypocritacy in this room .
Like I told , they just look but never thinks why .
Thank you .
I will never forget the pain .
I appreciate it .
I'll show you the real me .
This is war .

" Maybe your luck will be in your new path or something. " - LuHan ;)

Found You

Honestly I didn't know at first .
Though there was a coincidental meeting .
Until now , I learned a lot about pain than happiness .
I had a lot of tears .
But I'll only give you laughter .
I finally found my other half .
I found you , my love .
The person I've been looking for .
I love you .
I found you , the one to stay beside me .
The person who embraced my wounded heart and painful scars .
I want to give you more love .
Thank you for coming to my side .

Dear my blog , it is our second anniversary .
Do you still remember this date ?
23 October 2010 .
This is the date I fall in love with you .
You are always be with me whenever I feel happy and sad .
And the most important is ... you're always there for me .
To story with , to enjoy with and to treasure with .
I tried my best to beautify you , to make you interesting .
And to make me love you more .
Thanks for your accompany .
Let's be together till the end .
I love you , blog .

I'll Be There

If I could be by your side forever .
If that was possible .
The happiest person in the world would be me . 
When I'm sick and tired .
Whenever that happens , you are by my side .
Now I want to give it to you all my hidden love .
Close your eyes and lean on me .
When you feel afraid .
When you lose your way .
Close your eyes and lean on me .
My princess , I'll be there just for you .
When you are sick and tired .
Whenever that happens .
I'm going to be by your side .
I want to hold you warmly until your becomes at ease .
Just try your smile and dry your eyes .
I will bring back the moon into your sky .
And ever you will remember , darling .
 I'll be there just for you 

Even if I have to give up the whole world .
At least there’s still you who is worth treasuring .
And the fact that you’re here is a miracle in my life .
I could forget about the whole world .
As long as I don’t ever lose you .
At least I still have you .

Beautiful Goodbye ♥

Hi bloggers . Today post gonna be one of my favourite post .
It's about Team Bicara Berirama 2012 KL :)
I still remember the first day I know about this thing . I was absent from school . It's on 15th July .
Fida told me about it and I was shocked . We have to leave the class for one month and I'm afraid of that .
The next day , Puan Hamimah gathered all of us and explained about this thing .
Yes , we will get our allowance and experience there but I'm afraid of my study .
Not only me but the whole class . And finally we went there . *half-heart*
The first day on 19th July 2012 . It was Thursday and we're at MBSKL :) 
We're suppose to practice at the field but it was raining that day and we have to do it in a hall .
The first teacher I met : Papa Zola :) I don't know but the first time I saw him , he looks like Papa Zola .
Since then , he is BB's favourite teacher . Haha :D
We got information that it was already second day practice and we didn't have the script .
We only wrote it in our notebook . Seriously , I hate doing that thing .
Especially when we met so many boys there . They are quite naughty and it was troublesome .
Still remember when the teacher asked us to yell HEBAT when he say KL .
It was Encik Razak . My first impression : He's strict person .
But after knowing him for one month , he's actually a very friendly , funny and a sporting teacher .
The second day on 20th July 2012 . It was Friday and we're at MBSKL :)
We're late and have to pass by the boys . I'm very very very shy !
And that was the first day I heard a yell from Puan Anita aka Nenda .
Haha , I still remember the first day she use her whistle and of course I still remember the first day she use her record book .
Everyone hate her at first but they finally get along with her . She's sporting though . And funny .
Haha :D
The next week , it's the beginning of Ramadhan and we're practicing in an air-conditioned stadium .
It was at Stadium Titiwangsa . That stadium ... I smile whenever I remember all the things happened in this stadium .
Even though we kept changing places but most of our practice time was in the stadium .
Still remember the day we have been arranged . I am quite cold towards my left , right and behind friend .
I'm shy rite ? Hehe . Forget to tell . I was at the front . My coordinate number is the infamous 94 , 1 .
There , we start to know Encik Aziz . He was very nice toward us . The students really love him .
And they really love this word from him 'Hey bro, pernah nampak mic terbang?'

Okay , done with teacher . Let's talk about the conductors .
The main conductor's name is Farah . She conduct us very well along with other conductor .
All of them really love her 'One,Two' and always teased her .
One more conductor that attract BB , Ricky *won't reveal which one* Only BB knows it :)
Faiza fall for his eyes . She said it was like Ricky's eyes .
Okay , we admit . A bit . And my new friend who standing next behind me really admire that conductor .
I hope they can be a real couple since the conductor start to show his interest towards her . 
Good luck , my friend :D

Next topic : Crush 
Haha . Girls , don't lie if you doesn't have any crush there .
My first crush , can't tell his name . I like him because his face look like Luhan .
LuHan :)

I work so hard to know him including finding a few spy for me .
The funniest thing is he's in form 2 . He's one of the TOT .
Something complicated happens and I don't want to meet him anymore . I begin to hate him .
My second crush , Chinese boy . I like him because his face look like Sehun .
SeHun :)

He wear braces . Haha :D So cute . The first time I met him , I'm shocked because his face really look like Sehun !
I always bumped with him and BB start gossiping about him when Evi talks about him .
On 14th August , it's the day I know his name . I found it out from my ex-classmate .
The next day , we decide to go to his place . I am the one who talks to him first .
After I talk to him , he ran away with his friend . Epic rite ?
I don't want to talk more about him . It's our secret . Haha :D
All of you have to do is wish me luck .
My third crush , Chinese boy . He is very famous . Won't mention anything about him because all of you will know who it is .
He was the same school with Sehun :) I started to know him at Facebook .
He's quite cute . I love the way he talks . I always blushing when I chat with him .

Next topic , favourite line in the script .
#1 . Anak tani perlu transformasi :D
#2 . Yang dikendong tak dapat, yang dikejar berciciran :P
#3 . Ayah, bukankah kita kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang. Macam mana nak bayar tambang?
#4. Dikir barat !
#5 . Ha'ahlah. Naik apa ya?
#6. Kami mahukan keseronokan (yeah) , kepuasan (hmm) , kemegahan (wow) dan dijulang sebagai juara .
#7 . Tit tit tit tit tit tit .. tut tut ..
#8. Tangan kanan menerima, tangan kiri merasa. Cubit paha kiri , paha kanan pun terasa .
#9 . Tapi saya tak suka. Walaupun luar bercahaya , rumah saya sempit .
But so sad , all those favourites line was cut out . We only perform segment 1 and 2 .

The most funny topic : Props !
We get a pair of Malaysia's flag , a pair of ribbon , one red handkerchief , one white handkerchief .
One blue big hand , one white big hand , one set of pom pom , a bag , a pair of shoes , two blue shirts , one blue tracksuit , a cap , a handkerchief , a pair of gloves , a pair of socks , a pass for Bicara Berirama .
Too many rite ? But we have to return the pom pom , ribbon and also the flag .
I can't forget of what I read at Facebook . They are complaining about the shoes . PROJOG .
Haha XD . And they are complaining about their outfit . Looks like DBKL workers .
Okay , let's talk about the last week of practice . We start practicing at Dataran Merdeka .
I'm quite happy because my birthday was on 26th August and my friends and I went to celebrate it .
My crush wish my birthday too . Hee :D
Still remember the first day we combined with Selangor Team . They are our rival , you know . 
And I found someone look like Adam but luckily it's not Adam .
If not , I have to leave my crush .
And today is the last day of August and also the last day for us .
I am sure that I gonna miss all of them . I'm gonna miss Nenda's whistle .
I'm gonna miss Colgate team , Slow learner team .. 
I'm gonna miss my friends around me , I'm gonna miss the moment BB's noise in the bus .
I'm gonna miss everyone there .

To : Team Bicara Berirama 2012 Kuala Lumpur 
I am grateful that I met all of you .
All the moment when we're practicing are very precious .
Even though we're not knowing each other , we still cooperate to do the best for today .
I'm happy and I like it the most when all of us singing im4u .
Thanks for being with me this one whole month even though it's Ramadhan .
Love all of you 

Love U Like U ♥

I love you .
The words that I wasn’t able to say .
The words that my trembling heart always hid .
You , who shine me brightly in the morning .
You are always like the sunshine to me .

I like you .
Like a great big tree .
Always comforting me .
Sometimes , without me realizing
I feel like my heart will be revealed .
So I just smile awkwardly .
Like a fool , I just smile .
Afraid that our relationship will be uncomfortable .

We , who have been together for a long time .
You , always next to me .
And I , always next to you .
Let’s be together forever 

What Is Love ♥

Boy , I can’t explain what I feel . Making a day feel like a minute .
With you ... I feel like I am the main character of a fairy tale .
You're perfect to me .
I imagined how would it be if we were together?
I lost my mind , the moment I saw you .
Tell me , if this is love .

All the girls in the world are jealous of me .
They must be jealous to death of me for having you .
If you wish and wish earnestly , will it come true like the fairy tales?
A never-ending happy ending , happily ever after .
I will trust you, protect you and comfort you .
I will be on your side . I will never leave your side .

I can tell , this is love .
I will make you smile often like a child .
I will make you feel the most comfortable like a friend .
Tell me, what is love.

전 당신한테 반했어요 , 김종인 

Driving Me Crazy ♥

Annyeong , bloggers .
On 26th May 2012 , I went to Putrajaya for Hari Belia Negara and to meet my TEEN TOP .
I went there with SAHIRA TAMAM and her sister .
My sister also went there but she went with her friends .
We arrived there at 5.00 p.m. and walk almost 1 or 2 km to the official stage .
When we arrived at the stage , our Prime Minister was giving his speech and Sahira and I were waiting outside .
In our thought , we have a chance to be the front liner .
And yes , it's true . We're front liner .
Very near with the stage eventhough we're at the third or fourth row .
I brought my chair that I bought with HANNAH last Friday .
I asked Sahira to step on the chair since she was going to take the picture .
But most of the picture was captured by me :P
Both of us start to know many Angels there .

We're waiting there since 6.00 p.m. and all of us know that Teen Top will perform at 8.30 .
Beside Teen Top , DalShabet also performing on that day and U-Kiss performed a day before .
But Sahira and I decided to go for Teen Top since we had met our U-Kiss :D
Ally Iskandar was the MC on that day and always teased us .
FYI , while we're waiting for Teen top , they played Mr Simple and Lovey Dovey .
And of course , all of Angels were singing to that song .
Then , a group named Epsilon made an opening performance with MAMA from EXO-K .
We're screaming like there is EXO-K in front of us .
Haha , but they dance really well .
After that , Ikhwal started sang to his song and also a song titled Someone Like You :D

And then , here they come ... TEEN TOP !
They're performing Crazy as the first song .
All Angels can't control themselves from screaming !
I opened my banner and of course , L.Joe saw it !
Sahira was busy taking the pictures but sometimes my banner blocked her view .
And there was one embarrassing moment that L and J alphabet fell from my banner .
It was embarrassing cause L.Joe saw it too !

I asked Sahira to keep it in our bag . Mianhae L.Joe oppa !
I love it when Teen Top introduce themselves and L.Joe speaking English .
He asked " Today is Hari Belia , rite ? " 
But no one understand him and this makes him look at his members and repeated it .
After that , Angels started to scream and they're performing Girl Friend .
Teen Top seem really like to gather at our place since there were so many banner at our place .
In front me was ChangJo's fans . Beside me was Niel and ChunJi's fans and behind me was Ricky's fans .
And I'm the only L.Joe's fans there :D
After Girl Friend , they're performing The Back Of My Hand Brushes Against Yours .
I really wish that I will listen Teen Top singing this song live and now , my dream come true .
I almost want to cry as I heard ChunJi and Niel's voice together .

Then , there was fans session . Ally Iskandar choose the fans , not Teen Top .
Sadly it's not me but I'm not that jealous cause they only shake hand and hug Teen Top .
But the most funny moment was when the fans chosen by Ally Iskandar were on the stage , most of them were after ChunJi . Aigoo !
The best part was , there was a man I met earlier said he was fanatic of ChunJi and I saw him on stage . He was not partnering with ChunJi but ChangJo .
CAP , ChunJi and Niel thought the fans how to dance to Crazy . Pelvic dance slow version !
Ricky thought how to dance to Clap cutely .
L.Joe thought how to dance to Supa Luv but since the girl was from Epsilon , of course she knew how to dance it .
And the best part , ChangJo and his fans . ChangJo thought him to dance to Girl Friend .
It was very funny because it's not the real dance . ChangJo thought him the other way more sexy .
Naughty ChangJo !

After fans session , they performed Clap and No More Perfume On You .
Before they're  leaving the stage , Ally Iskandar thought them to speak in Malay that is " Terima kasih Malaysia "
Aigoo , really love that since Ricky did it cutely .
They leave the stage and Angels wants encore . Ally Iskandar kept teasing and Teen Top were coming back !
It's ENCORE . They're performing Crazy once again .
It was really amazing . L.Joe captured some picture with Angels .
Before leaving , they're waving hand at Angels .
Awe , I gonna miss them .

We're not watching Dal Shabet cause something happened and we just wait them outside their changing room .
Teen Top already went to KLIA . So sad that we did not had a chance to send them . 
Honestly , both of us enjoyed this concert .
Thanks for those who was organizing this concert .
Sahira is not an Angels but after this concert , she really in love with ChangJo and a bit regret cause she never know Teen Top's song .
It's okay , thanks to her , I am able to meet my Teen Top . 

Iloveyou , Teen Top
#I will upload some photo later :D

Walkin' :D

I want to tell you even though the sad times have already past .
Close your eyes and feel how you affect my mind and how you attract my gaze .
Don't wait for a miracle, there's a rough road in front of us ,
With obstacles and future that can't be known, yet I won't change . 
I can't give up.
Keep your love unchanging for my wounded heart ,
Looking in your eyes, no words are needed, time has stopped.
I love you, just like this. 
The longed end of wandering.
I leave behind this world's unending sadness .
Walking the many and unknowable paths , I follow a dim light .
It's something we'll do together to the end , into the new world .
Happy New Year , everyone