Driving Me Crazy ♥

Annyeong , bloggers .
On 26th May 2012 , I went to Putrajaya for Hari Belia Negara and to meet my TEEN TOP .
I went there with SAHIRA TAMAM and her sister .
My sister also went there but she went with her friends .
We arrived there at 5.00 p.m. and walk almost 1 or 2 km to the official stage .
When we arrived at the stage , our Prime Minister was giving his speech and Sahira and I were waiting outside .
In our thought , we have a chance to be the front liner .
And yes , it's true . We're front liner .
Very near with the stage eventhough we're at the third or fourth row .
I brought my chair that I bought with HANNAH last Friday .
I asked Sahira to step on the chair since she was going to take the picture .
But most of the picture was captured by me :P
Both of us start to know many Angels there .

We're waiting there since 6.00 p.m. and all of us know that Teen Top will perform at 8.30 .
Beside Teen Top , DalShabet also performing on that day and U-Kiss performed a day before .
But Sahira and I decided to go for Teen Top since we had met our U-Kiss :D
Ally Iskandar was the MC on that day and always teased us .
FYI , while we're waiting for Teen top , they played Mr Simple and Lovey Dovey .
And of course , all of Angels were singing to that song .
Then , a group named Epsilon made an opening performance with MAMA from EXO-K .
We're screaming like there is EXO-K in front of us .
Haha , but they dance really well .
After that , Ikhwal started sang to his song and also a song titled Someone Like You :D

And then , here they come ... TEEN TOP !
They're performing Crazy as the first song .
All Angels can't control themselves from screaming !
I opened my banner and of course , L.Joe saw it !
Sahira was busy taking the pictures but sometimes my banner blocked her view .
And there was one embarrassing moment that L and J alphabet fell from my banner .
It was embarrassing cause L.Joe saw it too !

I asked Sahira to keep it in our bag . Mianhae L.Joe oppa !
I love it when Teen Top introduce themselves and L.Joe speaking English .
He asked " Today is Hari Belia , rite ? " 
But no one understand him and this makes him look at his members and repeated it .
After that , Angels started to scream and they're performing Girl Friend .
Teen Top seem really like to gather at our place since there were so many banner at our place .
In front me was ChangJo's fans . Beside me was Niel and ChunJi's fans and behind me was Ricky's fans .
And I'm the only L.Joe's fans there :D
After Girl Friend , they're performing The Back Of My Hand Brushes Against Yours .
I really wish that I will listen Teen Top singing this song live and now , my dream come true .
I almost want to cry as I heard ChunJi and Niel's voice together .

Then , there was fans session . Ally Iskandar choose the fans , not Teen Top .
Sadly it's not me but I'm not that jealous cause they only shake hand and hug Teen Top .
But the most funny moment was when the fans chosen by Ally Iskandar were on the stage , most of them were after ChunJi . Aigoo !
The best part was , there was a man I met earlier said he was fanatic of ChunJi and I saw him on stage . He was not partnering with ChunJi but ChangJo .
CAP , ChunJi and Niel thought the fans how to dance to Crazy . Pelvic dance slow version !
Ricky thought how to dance to Clap cutely .
L.Joe thought how to dance to Supa Luv but since the girl was from Epsilon , of course she knew how to dance it .
And the best part , ChangJo and his fans . ChangJo thought him to dance to Girl Friend .
It was very funny because it's not the real dance . ChangJo thought him the other way more sexy .
Naughty ChangJo !

After fans session , they performed Clap and No More Perfume On You .
Before they're  leaving the stage , Ally Iskandar thought them to speak in Malay that is " Terima kasih Malaysia "
Aigoo , really love that since Ricky did it cutely .
They leave the stage and Angels wants encore . Ally Iskandar kept teasing and Teen Top were coming back !
It's ENCORE . They're performing Crazy once again .
It was really amazing . L.Joe captured some picture with Angels .
Before leaving , they're waving hand at Angels .
Awe , I gonna miss them .

We're not watching Dal Shabet cause something happened and we just wait them outside their changing room .
Teen Top already went to KLIA . So sad that we did not had a chance to send them . 
Honestly , both of us enjoyed this concert .
Thanks for those who was organizing this concert .
Sahira is not an Angels but after this concert , she really in love with ChangJo and a bit regret cause she never know Teen Top's song .
It's okay , thanks to her , I am able to meet my Teen Top . 

Iloveyou , Teen Top
#I will upload some photo later :D