What Is Love ♥

Boy , I can’t explain what I feel . Making a day feel like a minute .
With you ... I feel like I am the main character of a fairy tale .
You're perfect to me .
I imagined how would it be if we were together?
I lost my mind , the moment I saw you .
Tell me , if this is love .

All the girls in the world are jealous of me .
They must be jealous to death of me for having you .
If you wish and wish earnestly , will it come true like the fairy tales?
A never-ending happy ending , happily ever after .
I will trust you, protect you and comfort you .
I will be on your side . I will never leave your side .

I can tell , this is love .
I will make you smile often like a child .
I will make you feel the most comfortable like a friend .
Tell me, what is love.

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