Beautiful Goodbye ♥

Hi bloggers . Today post gonna be one of my favourite post .
It's about Team Bicara Berirama 2012 KL :)
I still remember the first day I know about this thing . I was absent from school . It's on 15th July .
Fida told me about it and I was shocked . We have to leave the class for one month and I'm afraid of that .
The next day , Puan Hamimah gathered all of us and explained about this thing .
Yes , we will get our allowance and experience there but I'm afraid of my study .
Not only me but the whole class . And finally we went there . *half-heart*
The first day on 19th July 2012 . It was Thursday and we're at MBSKL :) 
We're suppose to practice at the field but it was raining that day and we have to do it in a hall .
The first teacher I met : Papa Zola :) I don't know but the first time I saw him , he looks like Papa Zola .
Since then , he is BB's favourite teacher . Haha :D
We got information that it was already second day practice and we didn't have the script .
We only wrote it in our notebook . Seriously , I hate doing that thing .
Especially when we met so many boys there . They are quite naughty and it was troublesome .
Still remember when the teacher asked us to yell HEBAT when he say KL .
It was Encik Razak . My first impression : He's strict person .
But after knowing him for one month , he's actually a very friendly , funny and a sporting teacher .
The second day on 20th July 2012 . It was Friday and we're at MBSKL :)
We're late and have to pass by the boys . I'm very very very shy !
And that was the first day I heard a yell from Puan Anita aka Nenda .
Haha , I still remember the first day she use her whistle and of course I still remember the first day she use her record book .
Everyone hate her at first but they finally get along with her . She's sporting though . And funny .
Haha :D
The next week , it's the beginning of Ramadhan and we're practicing in an air-conditioned stadium .
It was at Stadium Titiwangsa . That stadium ... I smile whenever I remember all the things happened in this stadium .
Even though we kept changing places but most of our practice time was in the stadium .
Still remember the day we have been arranged . I am quite cold towards my left , right and behind friend .
I'm shy rite ? Hehe . Forget to tell . I was at the front . My coordinate number is the infamous 94 , 1 .
There , we start to know Encik Aziz . He was very nice toward us . The students really love him .
And they really love this word from him 'Hey bro, pernah nampak mic terbang?'

Okay , done with teacher . Let's talk about the conductors .
The main conductor's name is Farah . She conduct us very well along with other conductor .
All of them really love her 'One,Two' and always teased her .
One more conductor that attract BB , Ricky *won't reveal which one* Only BB knows it :)
Faiza fall for his eyes . She said it was like Ricky's eyes .
Okay , we admit . A bit . And my new friend who standing next behind me really admire that conductor .
I hope they can be a real couple since the conductor start to show his interest towards her . 
Good luck , my friend :D

Next topic : Crush 
Haha . Girls , don't lie if you doesn't have any crush there .
My first crush , can't tell his name . I like him because his face look like Luhan .
LuHan :)

I work so hard to know him including finding a few spy for me .
The funniest thing is he's in form 2 . He's one of the TOT .
Something complicated happens and I don't want to meet him anymore . I begin to hate him .
My second crush , Chinese boy . I like him because his face look like Sehun .
SeHun :)

He wear braces . Haha :D So cute . The first time I met him , I'm shocked because his face really look like Sehun !
I always bumped with him and BB start gossiping about him when Evi talks about him .
On 14th August , it's the day I know his name . I found it out from my ex-classmate .
The next day , we decide to go to his place . I am the one who talks to him first .
After I talk to him , he ran away with his friend . Epic rite ?
I don't want to talk more about him . It's our secret . Haha :D
All of you have to do is wish me luck .
My third crush , Chinese boy . He is very famous . Won't mention anything about him because all of you will know who it is .
He was the same school with Sehun :) I started to know him at Facebook .
He's quite cute . I love the way he talks . I always blushing when I chat with him .

Next topic , favourite line in the script .
#1 . Anak tani perlu transformasi :D
#2 . Yang dikendong tak dapat, yang dikejar berciciran :P
#3 . Ayah, bukankah kita kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang. Macam mana nak bayar tambang?
#4. Dikir barat !
#5 . Ha'ahlah. Naik apa ya?
#6. Kami mahukan keseronokan (yeah) , kepuasan (hmm) , kemegahan (wow) dan dijulang sebagai juara .
#7 . Tit tit tit tit tit tit .. tut tut ..
#8. Tangan kanan menerima, tangan kiri merasa. Cubit paha kiri , paha kanan pun terasa .
#9 . Tapi saya tak suka. Walaupun luar bercahaya , rumah saya sempit .
But so sad , all those favourites line was cut out . We only perform segment 1 and 2 .

The most funny topic : Props !
We get a pair of Malaysia's flag , a pair of ribbon , one red handkerchief , one white handkerchief .
One blue big hand , one white big hand , one set of pom pom , a bag , a pair of shoes , two blue shirts , one blue tracksuit , a cap , a handkerchief , a pair of gloves , a pair of socks , a pass for Bicara Berirama .
Too many rite ? But we have to return the pom pom , ribbon and also the flag .
I can't forget of what I read at Facebook . They are complaining about the shoes . PROJOG .
Haha XD . And they are complaining about their outfit . Looks like DBKL workers .
Okay , let's talk about the last week of practice . We start practicing at Dataran Merdeka .
I'm quite happy because my birthday was on 26th August and my friends and I went to celebrate it .
My crush wish my birthday too . Hee :D
Still remember the first day we combined with Selangor Team . They are our rival , you know . 
And I found someone look like Adam but luckily it's not Adam .
If not , I have to leave my crush .
And today is the last day of August and also the last day for us .
I am sure that I gonna miss all of them . I'm gonna miss Nenda's whistle .
I'm gonna miss Colgate team , Slow learner team .. 
I'm gonna miss my friends around me , I'm gonna miss the moment BB's noise in the bus .
I'm gonna miss everyone there .

To : Team Bicara Berirama 2012 Kuala Lumpur 
I am grateful that I met all of you .
All the moment when we're practicing are very precious .
Even though we're not knowing each other , we still cooperate to do the best for today .
I'm happy and I like it the most when all of us singing im4u .
Thanks for being with me this one whole month even though it's Ramadhan .
Love all of you 

Love U Like U ♥

I love you .
The words that I wasn’t able to say .
The words that my trembling heart always hid .
You , who shine me brightly in the morning .
You are always like the sunshine to me .

I like you .
Like a great big tree .
Always comforting me .
Sometimes , without me realizing
I feel like my heart will be revealed .
So I just smile awkwardly .
Like a fool , I just smile .
Afraid that our relationship will be uncomfortable .

We , who have been together for a long time .
You , always next to me .
And I , always next to you .
Let’s be together forever