Found You

Honestly I didn't know at first .
Though there was a coincidental meeting .
Until now , I learned a lot about pain than happiness .
I had a lot of tears .
But I'll only give you laughter .
I finally found my other half .
I found you , my love .
The person I've been looking for .
I love you .
I found you , the one to stay beside me .
The person who embraced my wounded heart and painful scars .
I want to give you more love .
Thank you for coming to my side .

Dear my blog , it is our second anniversary .
Do you still remember this date ?
23 October 2010 .
This is the date I fall in love with you .
You are always be with me whenever I feel happy and sad .
And the most important is ... you're always there for me .
To story with , to enjoy with and to treasure with .
I tried my best to beautify you , to make you interesting .
And to make me love you more .
Thanks for your accompany .
Let's be together till the end .
I love you , blog .