Let's Not

Saying that at this moment is for the last time to you whom I loved so much . Even if you try to turn back time , even if you hold onto me crying , I was the one who said no and bid our farewell . I always act strong but I’m a coward who didn't have the confidence to protect you forever and left . Don’t love someone like me again . Don’t make someone to miss again . Go and meet someone who loves you so much till they can’t go a day without you . Please ... It's hurt when you try to hold me back  but I’m a coward who doesn't have the confidence to give happiness to anyone beside you . Even if we are ever to regret our breakup , I can’t do anything but give you our last farewell . Don’t cry in pain , counting the time that’s passed . Don’t miss a foolish love that’s already passed . Go and  meet someone who loves you so much till they can’t go a day without you .  Please , I hope that you’ll be happy . Let’s never meet again ...

I already know about it . I even ask and you deny it . It's okay . But I think it's better you tell me the truth . Because I'm okay if you don't want to tell me about that . I just want to know the reason . And you can live happily after telling me the reason . I won't bother you anymore . It's only hurt my heart . Because I already know it and you deny it . It's hurt . Just imagine you face the same situation as me . I know you're the type who does not care but I know your heart will be slightly hurt , rite ? Everyone have feeling and of course , the feeling is mutual when it comes to this kind of situation . I don't know why I am the one who always hurt the most whenever I involve myself in this relationship . People leave me , do not care about me , hate me , annoyed me even though I never do that to anyone . If I do , it is not me who start all this . It's the another person . Sincerely , a person with heart and feeling :)

p/s : Ignore my grammar . I'm like this when I'm emotional .