Everlasting Sunset

All day you linger in my eyes . Because of you , I can’t do anything . You even appear in my dreams , shaking me up . When I wake up, I search around looking for you . When I see nice clothes when walking down the street , I keep thinking of you . When I’m eating tasty foods , I think of you . When I look at couples on the street , I keep thinking of you . When it’s the free weekend , I think of you . On a good sunny day like today , a date with you . How sweet would that be ? You don’t know that I’m like this . I can’t move closer because you are so much more than me . However , even if you don’t know ... regardless of the fact that I can’t express my heart , I can’t stop myself . Everything looks different because of you . Even the gentle breeze excites me . You don’t know about this love that I started on my own . But because I long for it so much , I believe that it will come true .

It's not that I can't accept the fact that I can't have it . I tried to avoid it even though the memories keep hunting me . Yes , I tried to avoid because I know , something in my body refuse to let it go . My heart ... refuse to let it go . All this time , I am sad not because I can't have it but I am sad knowing the fact that I am like this . Fall in love , I hate this . I don't want to but I guess my heart controlled my mind . It's hard to forget something that had changed you because it will always there . But ... I'm trying to be strong , to fight the memories . Everything happens for a reason . Allah have secured something better for me in the future and I'll wait for it patiently . 

Love is not hurt , loving the wrong one does . Better be with no one than with the wrong one .