Maybe In Love

I don’t remember the look you used to give me or your warm and cozy embrace . From some point , we didn’t try to get to know each other or even want to get to know each other . Our changing images were so cold that it couldn’t even be touched . Inside the tiring indifference , I couldn’t do anything and I hated myself more for that . You didn’t look at my eyes , you didn’t read my heart , you turned away from my sadness . I love you – were these words not enough ? I didn’t know at first , I thought you were just busy . Your calls and dates with you grew less . You’ll come if I wait , I should understand . But the more I did so , the further you got . I am standing here in the same place but you grow faint and I can’t see you . I don’t even know my way back . So come here , hurry and save me . On the day where everything ended in a quick moment , after snapping out of it , I realized I was really alone . Are you really crying like a fool ? Do you think it’s over ? I really can’t think of anything right now . I love you – maybe I just wanted to hear those words . 
That was you