Girl, I know it's hard , but don't ever lose hope . We'll get through this together , I promise ... Unfamilar pains always find us like habits and make us cry . I always feel sorry but the pathetic reality won't be eternal . Thank heaven that sent you to me and the heaven will protect us . Some day we will fly free just like your dream , we will . One step , then another . Although I will get tired , I won't give you up . I believe that it can't always be the same . More days are awaiting us . You don't need to cry any longer . I'll be there for you . I promise you , I can protect you because I love you . We so prepared to greet beautiful days and the small wish we made is getting near . Some day we will fly free . The days that your tears dreamed of will be so beautiful . Wipe your tears away , here comes the sunny days . No more worries cause the storm is gone . I'm here to stay . I know it's hard for you , the pain you're going through . And by looking at you girl , I feel the hurt you do . Through the good and the bad times , I'll be there . Keep your head up high , don't you ever feel despaired . I'm always here for you and you know this much is true . If you're ever feeling doubt , I'll come and comfort you . Let's live a life of hope and give a love unknown . And together we'll see what the future holds

Dedicated to : MoonlightJHN