My once calm world is once again shaken . Love comes by looking at only you . Happiness comes by being with you . The pain of tears disappears and this is as good as it gets . Let’s do this the easy way , let’s be honest and trust each other . I’ll always be by your side . If we’re together , the world can’t get better than this . Tears well up at little things that weren’t a big deal before . My vision gets blurred and my heart is moved . A corner of the heart that I gave , used to be your spot but now it’s empty . But my pride pushes it out , saying that even the attachment that love brings is now lost . But I don’t think so , I’m still unchanged . All I want is you . The days without you become pale . Just like it never happened . So I start my story from the beginning . My usual dark self is now expressing my feelings . Over and over ... the sound of my heart won’t stop . Over and over ... this warm feeling won’t end .