One Person's Story

So many stories come and go but only me who have one story about a person for years now . It’s a story about a person that only you don’t know and everyone else knows . If things are hard , I cry by myself . A sadness that isn’t even necessary because I hate being told to forget you . Words that haven’t even cooled down – I love you . Haven’t you ever been curious about my heart ? Loving someone to the point where you hate them . Do you know how that feels ? I’ve done nothing but love . But they keep telling me to not fall in love now . No one brings up stories about you in front of me . On good days , I laugh by myself but it’s awkward because I can’t laugh loudly because I hate it when they worry about me . When tears rise up , I sing that sad melody – probably about a thousand times . I love you . Are you trying to ignore me ? The more I love , the more afraid I get that you might get distant . So only my lies keep increasing . I don’t want to lose you .


I never talk about them here but this post is about them ;)
This post is dedicated to EXO for their first anniversary .

08 . 04 . 2012 
Thank you for your existance .
I am forever yours .
Hold my hand and never let go .
All of us will go on forever .
Someday we’ll widely show everyone our love .
When that day comes I will never let go of your hands .
I love you . These past 365 days has been nothing but bliss .
Thank you 

I know them when they are known as M1 and M2 . I still remember that ChanYeol's name was very famous that time and also Kai because he's TaeMin's bestfriend . The first member I like in EXO is Sehun for EXO-K and Luhan for EXO-M . I like them when I first saw their teaser ;) Okay , the first member I hate is Kai because he got so many teasers ! If I'm not mistaken , he got 11 teasers . But , my ultimate bias in EXO now is him , Kim Jong In aka Kai . Hahaha XD Next , the member I like after MAMA is released is Kai for EXO-K and Kris for EXO-M . So sorry , Sehun and Luhan .  But now , my ultimate bias in EXO-M is Luhan while in EXO-K is Kai . The first time I listened to their song was around April , a few days after their debut . That is why I fall in love with Kai . I love his part when he says 'MAMA' . The day I become EXOTIC is when I first listened to Angel - EXO-K . I don't remember the date because I deleted my browse history . So sad . But I am sure it was around June 2012 :) Jeng jeng jeng . My first impression about EXO . Truthfully , I watched What Is Love MV and I observe the voice . I really don't know the members well and I think that their voice is really the same as Yoo Young Jin , the composer of SM . I am totally not interested that time . *close tab* . Hehehe :D But after knowing them , I am totally in love with these 12 hot boys . They are great and they remind me a lot of Super Junior . My favourite vocal line in EXO is Luhan and Suho . I love Luhan's voice in What Is Love , Angel and Machine and I love Suho's voice in Angel . My favourite rapper line , of course Kai and Sehun ;) My favourite dance line is Kai , Sehun and Luhan . They are very charismatic when they are dancing . One more thing , the hottest topic among the EXOTIC ... OTP . OTP that I hate the most is HunHan ( Sehun + Luhan ) and XiuHan ( XiuMin + Luhan ) . It's not that I'm jealous but this OTP are really irritating and annoying for me . Hahaha . Sorry to the shippers ;) But I think I don't have any favourite OTP in EXO . 

To EXO - Congrats for your first anniversary . All of you have done so many great things so far . EXOTIC will always stick to all of you . We will always support your music and your hard work . WE ARE ONE !  #365DaysWithEXO #EXO1stAnniversary

XiuMin  Luhan Kris SuHo Lay BaekHyun
Chen ChanYeol D.O Tao Kai  Sehun 

Inconvenient Truth

I keep thinking of you at night, I cannot sleep . Why did I turn on this love show ? The distance between us has increased . I was the servant of this love . Why did we fight ? Why were we like that ? Did you lose the sight ? We used to be in love . Why am I stuck in this moment ? The one I need is you, silly . You and I, don't cut our cord .  Don't deny our r²π . Come to me, everything is fine now . We will start everything over, over again . 

Dear friends, it's weird that I know about that thing, I view it, I read it but you never want to open up to me . Well, just like someone says ... it shows how you trust me . Guess I'm not good enough to be your friend . It's really weird for me . I'm not going to touch about that thing in our conversation because I don't want to make things complicated . You always burst your feeling there and I know it . I want to comfort you there but I can't because we are not connected . When I want to text you, it feels weird because well, we are not connected there but I know it . Then , we both know that you blocked me . Once again, I feels weird because one day, we talked about it, you opened it in front of me and yeah, we both know you blocked me . How do I say this ? Hmm ~~ It's just weird, okay ? And I hope we can fix it . We are friends right ?