Inconvenient Truth

I keep thinking of you at night, I cannot sleep . Why did I turn on this love show ? The distance between us has increased . I was the servant of this love . Why did we fight ? Why were we like that ? Did you lose the sight ? We used to be in love . Why am I stuck in this moment ? The one I need is you, silly . You and I, don't cut our cord .  Don't deny our r²π . Come to me, everything is fine now . We will start everything over, over again . 

Dear friends, it's weird that I know about that thing, I view it, I read it but you never want to open up to me . Well, just like someone says ... it shows how you trust me . Guess I'm not good enough to be your friend . It's really weird for me . I'm not going to touch about that thing in our conversation because I don't want to make things complicated . You always burst your feeling there and I know it . I want to comfort you there but I can't because we are not connected . When I want to text you, it feels weird because well, we are not connected there but I know it . Then , we both know that you blocked me . Once again, I feels weird because one day, we talked about it, you opened it in front of me and yeah, we both know you blocked me . How do I say this ? Hmm ~~ It's just weird, okay ? And I hope we can fix it . We are friends right ?