So Into U

I must have more tears than I thought . How could it be like this ? I let you go while smiling then . I’m not like other girls . I can’t be too cunning like them . I can’t meet anyone else because I can only think of you .You don’t have to listen to my nagging anymore . But you can’t become skinnier than you are now . Please make sure you eat . What should I do ? I keep missing you . I miss being in your arms already . I still like you , why did we separate ? I hope you feel the pain just like I do . You must be living like nothing’s happened . I can understand that . In a way , that suits you better . We used to spend the night talking . I tried to erase them , but it’s not working well . Foolishly , my tears keep on coming . I want to go find you . You’re starting to forget me already . So why can’t I do the same ? No , you’re the same as me . Please tell me that’s the situation . Come back to me please ... Just one day by my side

It’s like you’re uninterested , it’s like you’re always busy . And it’s like you think if you call first , you’re losing a game . I’ve always been like that too . You're different this time . You're a different person somehow . I don't want to lose you . I don't think you'll ever come back again . So tell me what’s up . Without having to hide , with a little more love , I want to deliver my heart and tell you , looking straight into your eyes . Everyone says , “Girls are prideful” . So to you too, even if you try to protect me . I need you , I want you . These words are hard to say but I’ll find the courage to say them

I still don’t understand love . So I can’t get any closer . But why does my foolish heart keep pounding ? I’m haunted by you again and again . I just can’t get away . This hopeless love hurts my heart so much . From day to night you’re all I think about . Being so pitiful and silly . What should I do ? The heart follows love . What am I going to do ? The day when my pain fades away . Will that day ever come ? Being so pitiful and silly . What can I do after all ? The moonlight is so beautiful . I just can’t get away . Let me lie down by your side for a moment . A moment ... just a moment