Don't Go

Your small wings fluttering as if they were waving . Seemed like you were telling me to follow after you . Your sad eyes looked at me as you told your story . It was that night that the wind blew you right into my heart . My mind keeps wandering, thinking of you . I'm the one that is completely captivated by you . It's like I'm mesmerized , forgot to breathe . If this is love I am willing to go anywhere with you . It's like we're dancing . When I'm with you I'm not scared of anything . Be it a second or eternity I know where I want to be . So baby , don't go . Take me anywhere with you and we'll walk together forever . When the world's ending I'll be right by your side . Please don't leave . When the morning comes , please don't just disappear . Please tell me that you will always be right here . It's as if I'm dreaming . Don't fly away , my beautiful butterfly .