Because I Miss You

The same sky like always , the same ordinary day . The only difference is that you're not here . I want to smile . Pretending to have forgotten everything , pretending it's nothing . Everyday I keep calling you alone because I miss you . And now I keep calling your name like a habit . I thought I sent you away without any regrets . No , I couldn't send you away yet . It seems like I'm going to die , what should I do ? I love you , I love you , I love you . Without even saying those words , I sent you away like this . I'm sorry, do you hear me ? Can you hear my late confession ? I love you 

She would not able to confess because he never reply ...

Really I Didn't Know

The person I love so dearly has deserted me. And I am now weeping, holding to my wretched heart. The person I trust with his love has leave me indeed. Honestly, I really didn't know that person would leave me. Really, I didn't know. The sound of whistling that I heard, perhaps could it be him? Would he be back? I am finding myself, wretchedly waiting for him.