It was a sunny day when our love started. We were so happy, I loved you so much. Now it’s over, everything is over. My heart hurts so much. I don’t know what to do. I still can’t get over you. You’ll regret this. I will forget you. Even if I’m like a fool, I will forget you. I get determined and promise myself even though I can’t forget our love, even though I will think of you again. I cry and cry and cry like this because it’s so frustrating. I cry and cry and cry again because I’m so angry. What do I do? Don’t go like that, I will die. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? I will smile, I will forget you, I will live well for all to see. I’m such a fool. I’m a fool because I will draw you out in tears because I can’t forget you. 

Baby Don't Cry

Forgive me because I'm not able to company you to sleep. Please forget me and don't ever meet me again. You're the greatest woman ever in my heart. You're a strong woman thus I beg you to forget me. Please don't cry anymore. I think it's enough till here. Maybe one day you will find your true love. Please forget me quickly. Don't ever bring up the past. I'm afraid that I'm not be able to love you.
Dedicated to : Someone named Camelia ;)

1-4-3 (I Love You)

I'm watching cause you got me patiently waiting . I think you are amazing . It's okay , you worth the wait but I just can take no more .I'm dreaming of you every night and I'm praying . Will you hold me tight and just wrap those arms around me ? I really wanna feel you in my soul . I'm talking . Do you hear a word that I'm saying ? I'm so tired of playing these games with you . I'm so confused . So will you be my love ? I'm losing my mind while your over there choosing . I don't wanna ruin this thing we got . Like it or not , who's love are you wanting to be ? Everytime you look into my eyes I  can feel that you just wanna say . Three little words that's not impossible but then you start walking away . I can't help it so I'm asking the question , I guess there's no other way for you to just tell me right now . So maybe I should say it out loud . I can't help it . When I want it , I gotta get it and it's you that I want . Maybe it can happen if you let it . Cause I got you on my mind all the time and when I see you , you're looking fine every time . If you would make me the only one in your life then I'd be like the sweet mix a little sugar with  the spice . Baby take a change , romance and roll the dice . What other girl's gonna ask you something this nice ? No , I don't wanna wonder any more . I gotta hear you say the words . I want you and I want the world to know that I'm your love and I know you feel the same .


In that space where memories linger still as warm as on my fingertips , you are here . Your scent and your face are here . Please look at me so that I can feel you like this . Struggling to catch your expressions , struggling to catch your smile . You're the one who I struggled to understand . When it felt too good walking in the rain with you , you’re not here . How am I supposed to erase you alone and live my life ? In those moments where we once walked together , in the places where the memories and lingering attachments were made ... I’m standing there because I miss you so much . Your name which I was barely allowed to speak can't be erased . Your name that only used by me is asleep right here . In those moments where we could've walked together , I'm holding onto myself alone . In the places where our future and my hopes stopped , I’m standing there but you're gone .