1-4-3 (I Love You)

I'm watching cause you got me patiently waiting . I think you are amazing . It's okay , you worth the wait but I just can take no more .I'm dreaming of you every night and I'm praying . Will you hold me tight and just wrap those arms around me ? I really wanna feel you in my soul . I'm talking . Do you hear a word that I'm saying ? I'm so tired of playing these games with you . I'm so confused . So will you be my love ? I'm losing my mind while your over there choosing . I don't wanna ruin this thing we got . Like it or not , who's love are you wanting to be ? Everytime you look into my eyes I  can feel that you just wanna say . Three little words that's not impossible but then you start walking away . I can't help it so I'm asking the question , I guess there's no other way for you to just tell me right now . So maybe I should say it out loud . I can't help it . When I want it , I gotta get it and it's you that I want . Maybe it can happen if you let it . Cause I got you on my mind all the time and when I see you , you're looking fine every time . If you would make me the only one in your life then I'd be like the sweet mix a little sugar with  the spice . Baby take a change , romance and roll the dice . What other girl's gonna ask you something this nice ? No , I don't wanna wonder any more . I gotta hear you say the words . I want you and I want the world to know that I'm your love and I know you feel the same .