First Love

I was so young back then, I could only see you. I didn’t need anything if we could be together. We fought a lot about things that weren’t a big deal. When I think about it, only laughter comes out. Sometimes I’m so curious about you, I could die. But there’s nothing I can do about it now. Sometimes I think of you and I miss you so much. But I will just bury it in as beautiful memories. Hello? Just saying that one word is hard so I can’t even call you. I’m sorry that I didn’t treat you better, I’m so sad over you. I can’t be held by you anymore, even in my dreams. Don’t ever hurt again and be happy, I will pray for you. The past memories flicker before me, I can’t do anything. Why am I such a fool? First love, my unforgettable love. Why does it hurt so much? Am I the only one who remembers? First love, I call out to you with this desperate voice until it can reach you, until always. I close my eyes in this moment, tears flow in this moment. Why am I so pathetic, still not over you? Without a choice, I’ll pray for your happiness.

Bad Person

I avoided my close friends and only looked at you. I learned how to cook for the first time and only waited for you. You are so mean, you are so bad. I did everything that you wanted. All day I cried then laughed like a crazy person. Did you want me to be like this as well? How can it be so painful when there are no scars? How can it hurt so much as if I’ve caught a nasty cold? You are so mean, you are so bad. Was my innocent love that fun to you? All day I curse at you and hate you, as if I forgot you. But the more I do so, the more tears flow. Don’t you ever love again because you’re such a bad person. For the price of leaving me, don’t ever be happy. I don’t like you. Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you. You are such a mean person, you are such a bad man. Even the sweet whispers of love, I didn’t know that they were all lies. I was still young so I believed everything you told me and I regret that so much. You are so mean, you are so bad. Are tears the last part of love that you taught me? I want to meet someone better than you and smile every single day. Watch over the happy me from afar.

Just Once

Can I love you? I have something I want to say but my lips are heavy. My heart has words that it couldn't say even once. You're getting farther away when I still have words I couldn't say. Like a fool, I swallowed those words into my heart. I tell you that it's okay, that I'm here. I get bruised by embracing you in my heart. Even though it's hurt, I only want you. Do you know about my clumsy love? I can't say anything as I see you turn away. So, all my love I will just place it inside my heart. Please love me just once. Can I crazily call out your name just once? Because of my heart, I want to go closer to your side. In order to tell you, I love you, the person I miss.

The Way To Break Up

Even if it hurts, pretend that it's nothing. Even if tears fall, know how to hide them. Place it in one side of the heart and know how to smile as if there's nothing wrong. That's the way to break up. My heart is growing dark like this again. The many lingering regrets are pulling down. It'll probably be erased again, it'll probably become distant. We will probably forget each other. My meaningless day will probably pass by. Our unique love will probably be like it never exist. Even if I want to see you, I probably won't be able to see you again. Even if it hurts, I should bear it. I will probably get used to spending the days without you. Tomorrow will probably be a little more comfortable. I will probably forget you little by little. Maybe sometimes I will think of you and probably only good memories will come up. I need to forget you. Only my welled up tears remember you and there so many traces of happiness. To me, love is such a painful thing. Even if it hurts, I should bear it. I will probably forget it like this.