Bad Person

I avoided my close friends and only looked at you. I learned how to cook for the first time and only waited for you. You are so mean, you are so bad. I did everything that you wanted. All day I cried then laughed like a crazy person. Did you want me to be like this as well? How can it be so painful when there are no scars? How can it hurt so much as if I’ve caught a nasty cold? You are so mean, you are so bad. Was my innocent love that fun to you? All day I curse at you and hate you, as if I forgot you. But the more I do so, the more tears flow. Don’t you ever love again because you’re such a bad person. For the price of leaving me, don’t ever be happy. I don’t like you. Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you. You are such a mean person, you are such a bad man. Even the sweet whispers of love, I didn’t know that they were all lies. I was still young so I believed everything you told me and I regret that so much. You are so mean, you are so bad. Are tears the last part of love that you taught me? I want to meet someone better than you and smile every single day. Watch over the happy me from afar.