The Way To Break Up

Even if it hurts, pretend that it's nothing. Even if tears fall, know how to hide them. Place it in one side of the heart and know how to smile as if there's nothing wrong. That's the way to break up. My heart is growing dark like this again. The many lingering regrets are pulling down. It'll probably be erased again, it'll probably become distant. We will probably forget each other. My meaningless day will probably pass by. Our unique love will probably be like it never exist. Even if I want to see you, I probably won't be able to see you again. Even if it hurts, I should bear it. I will probably get used to spending the days without you. Tomorrow will probably be a little more comfortable. I will probably forget you little by little. Maybe sometimes I will think of you and probably only good memories will come up. I need to forget you. Only my welled up tears remember you and there so many traces of happiness. To me, love is such a painful thing. Even if it hurts, I should bear it. I will probably forget it like this.