When I’m yawning and feeling restless, only you seem like spring out of this whole world, girl. When you look at me, you’re like a playful cat chasing a small butterfly. The soft sunshine shines down on you right now. You’re my butterfly with a light movement. Come and fly over to me. You’re my butterfly. Every day you bring a new spring, a happiness to me. Hey girl, will you follow me? To the white clouds over there? Hey girl, when I follow you, I start to smile. You came to me like spring. Worried that it’ll end when you open your eyes? Girl, don’t worry. Are these is the feelings of love? Don’t doubt, don’t worry, don’t ask. If I’m with you, whenever, wherever, it is like a field filled with flowers in a dream. You’re my butterfly. Follow the soft scent, the flowers and come to me. You’re my butterfly. I’ll give all the sweetness of the world to you.

Dedicated to : Precious BB 

Hard But Easy

Every time I thought of you, I cursed at you. That way, I felt a little better. I erased everything that might remind me of you. But still, there are too many memories. How can I call you? How can I call you after suddenly thinking about you? I’m still forgetting you. My heart is still in pain. I’m still hating you, I’m still forgiving you. Whatever you say, love is over. I’m going back to the days where I didn’t know you. I won’t say anything. I won’t show that I’m glad to talk to you. I’m trying to stop my heartbeat that I can hear with my ears so I’m not even breathing. I’m in enough pain. I’m not in pain because I miss you. Tears are falling because I just feel empty. I hope I won’t ever hear your voice again.