Girls Girls Girls

It has been a long time since I updated my blog, rite? Well, first of all let's welcome 2015. May this year bring us more happiness, more experience, more people to be friend with and not to forget, more money. Hehehe . Since it's already 2015, it makes me realize that I'm getting older . But then, I realize again that other people are getting older too. And when did I realize it? It was when I was reading some list on Twitter. Want to know about the list? It's a list of KPOP Idol Who Will Turn 30 on 2015. Looking at the list, it made my jaw dropped. Why? Because I can't believe those cute crazy guys are going to be 30 this year. It feels like yesterday I was fangirling with my friends about wanting to marry them because they're still young. Looks like I'm wrong. I will be 19 this year and yet they are going to be 30. I don't even finish my study yet. Oh my gosh *facepalm* . 

And guess what? It made me reminisce back all the memories of being a fangirl of KPOP. Plus, there's a case related to KPOP in my country. Well, you know about the B1A4 thing? Yes, that happened. Trust me, it was hard for all KPOP fans in my country because people in this country got some problem with KPOP. They are always not satisfied with KPOP and they will find a way to make KPOP illegal for all of us. For me, if KPOP is going to be compared with Hollywood, I think KPOP is better for my country. Hollywood is way too much and yet they are against KPOP. For me, it is just a mere entertainment because it is one the thing that helps me forget my problem. It makes me learn so many things as well. But still, people in this country are like having a grudge on it. Why? Because they make better music than you? Because they make more dramatic drama than you? Because they are prettier and more handsome than you? Or because the fans kinda annoyed you? Oh come on. Like you haven't seen yourselves. You probably annoyed people too. And not all of us are that obssessed. Don't take the fanatic one as your benchmark to judge us. You should go and see with your own eyes what are happening at the fanmeeting or concert. It is no different with our local artist's concert and plus, it is better than our rock local artist's concert. 

Okay, enough with this. I want to go back to the main topic. I told you I reminisced all the memories of being a fangirl of KPOP, right? Seriously, I haven't been paying attention to KPOP quite well lately since I'm busy with my college and I realized that it have been 5 years that I'm so into KPOP. At this point, you can say I'm one of the senior of KPOP fans because I started to love KPOP when Sorry Sorry and Nobody were very famous. And on that year, I got to know some legend song such as Mirotic, Lies, Gee, Again and Again etc. For us, if you don't know these song, you're not a real KPOP fans yet. And being in KPOP fandom is awesome actually. I'm in multifandom but trust me, I love all KPOP song. It's just depend on which group I like the most. For now, my favourite group are Super Junior (since 2010), f(x) (since 2010), Teen Top (since 2010), INFINITE (since 2011), EXO (since 2012) and Juniel (since 2012). Don't ask me why I favoured this group because I just love them all. And yeah, I'm SMTOWN stander. I'm happy when I'm in this fandom (ELF, MeU, Angel, INSPIRIT, EXO-L, Banilla) . They're all awesome people with crazy mind, uncontrolled hormone and of course, a big heart. We shared information with each other, explaining something to each other and even fight with each other. Talking about fight, fanwar is the fun part. You should at least involved in a fanwar if you're into KPOP because you will know there are so many kind of people exist in this world. The unreasonable one, the realistic one, the obssessed one, the ignorant one and many more. You can't missed this and I have been part of this for many time. *I laugh at my stupidity now because it's too funny that time. LOL* And we have inside jokes which only people in our fandom will know. It's fun, right? Yeah, you could say it's the same thing goes to Beliebers and Directioners. It's just the same. But maybe at some point, there will be some differences. Next, you will be completed if you're involved in fanfics too. I'm an author now because I'm involved in fanfics and it's really fun to me. Reading fanfic also makes you think that you don't even need to watch drama because sometimes there's fic that is deserved to be published as drama. You can have your favourite idol to be the hero too. Not only the K-Drama actors. Uhh ohh, don't forget about the album too ~~~ Me and my friends really like to buy KPOP album. Why? Because it's one of the way to show our support and the album is interesting too. People will say that it is a waste of money but hey, we feel happy with that so why not? Plus, I'm going to keep the album as a memory in case when I grow older, I'm no longer KPOP fans *but I hope I won't stop*. KPOP gives me good memories in my life. It surely will make me reminisce how loud I scream when I saw their handsome face, how loud I laugh at their stupid jokes, how I have to control my hormone when they're looking too handsome or cute and how I thought that not having a boyfriend is okay as long I have my KPOP bias. Hahaha. I know it will be a good thing to be told to my future offspring. 

And for the idols, I thanked them for being an idol. They brought happiness to me in so many way and even if they did nothing, I always have something to comment. *because of them just need to breath for me to scream. HAHAHA* Now that at this rate only SungMin is married, I wished that Super Junior members will get marry faster or at least find themselves a girlfriend. Even if they already have girlfriend, I hope they will introduce them. ELF have no problem anymore with that from what I see. They're totally happy when SungMin got married. Of course they will be sad at first. I know that feeling but then they will get over it. Super Junior is not ending. They will continue till they want to stop and I know they don't want to stop. They really have faith on each other. Okay, that are the only idol that I allow for them to get married. LOL. Well, it's not like I'm controlling them. It is because they're old now and they deserved to get married and be happy. But not for f(x), Teen Top, INFINITE, EXO and Juniel. Hahaha. Why? Because I think they're still new and they have to focus on their career just like Super Junior before they decide to reveal about their relationship and such. But if they are caught, the fans have no other choice except to accept it *even if most of them would bash first* I said this because Super Junior revealed about their relationship on the fifth year of their career. They're stable at that time and I think it is a good decision. Okay, okay. Let's be considerate. Hmm, maybe for some members in INFINITE, EXO and f(x) are allowed to date by now since the oldest in INFINITE is 89-liner, in EXO is 90-liner and in f(x) is 87-liner. *Victoria should have a boyfriend by now* . I believed that most of them must already have girlfriend and I hope they will reveal it when the time has come. Okay? And we fan, we have to respect their decision. They are humans too. They're not a doll with no feeling at all. You see them laugh and cry, right? They love you too and you can see it. So why not letting them to have their loves one? You'll be with someone too in the future. So it's fair and square, right? 

So in conclusion, I would like to say that there's give and take when you step into KPOP world. Some thing have to be taken for consideration and don't be selfish, okay? I have learned so many good thing through KPOP and I hope all of you, KPOP fan learn something too. Make KPOP a positive thing in your life, then you'll enjoy it without having your mom blabbering at you. *My siblings are so into KPOP so my mom have nothing to say, she will join somethimes ;)* Enough with this. I just want to say, I'm too attached to KPOP and I'm planning to be a fan until the youngest member of my favourite KPOP group got married and for now, it is ChangJo, a 95-liner. So I guess, I will be a KPOP fans till I'm 40? Hahaha. Coz it takes long for male idol to get married. Hmm. Okay, I better stop this. Seeya in my next post !