Knock Knock

So I came across a topic with my friends about girls wearing and not wearing hijab. Since we both have different opinions, it makes me reflect what is the wrong in my belief. I would likely to say this first, I don't have anything against girls who are not wearing hijab. Just like my friend said, it's up to that girl if she wants to wear it or not. Yeah, something like it's between her and Allah. 

But years ago I came across a talk where the panel said many of the girls are waiting for the right time to wear the hijab or in malay words we call it 'sampai seru'. And the panel was like ... when is that? The 'seru' or the instruction to wear hijab is written long time ago in the al-Quran so what is the reason for you to wait actually? And I kind of thinking for a few seconds. He's right. It's in the al-Quran but many people take it so lightly because of the way our world works now. 

It's the reality but that also doesn't give us point that we should judge or scold them for not wearing it since Islam taught us to use the softest way ever to advice someone. But that does not mean one can be stubborn about it too. Just like solat, there's an advice where it is okay to pray even if you're forced to because at the end of the day, we'll be used to it, the hidayah or guidance would come, InsyaAllah. 

Please to let all people knows that Allah love it when we're trying to be the bestest slave for him. We haven't done it properly but Allah love us already before we do anything. Hence, it's not a waste of time or energy to try. Btw, with how the world is right now, talking about wearing hijab in US, I need people to think for a moment without being offended. Women in US are fighting for their hijab. It is risky and yet we're here, wearing hijab for the sake of public obligation, for the sake of fashion.

I won't tell you that I wear it perfectly coz I am also heading to the path to become a very good muslimah. But here I am, wanting girls to walk with me too even if it is difficult and or a bit slower. May Allah grant us the guidance of becoming a good muslimah. 

p/s: This is just my opinion. I don't think it's bad for not wearing hijab but it's better to wear one. Like people always told me. There's no point of wearing hijab if you did bad things. And wouldn't it be a bonus if you wear hijab and did good things? :)