Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas - 12 March 2011

Must eat the nasi lemak even my stomach is already full.Tak gemuk,kan ?

Kawad Kaki ?
Ehh?Kak Suet Yee and Kak Lai Fong came to train us how to kawad kaki : ) . Kak Azmina train form 1 , Kak Lai  Fong train form 2 and Kak Suet Yee train us ! ( The seniors-form 3,4,5,6 ) How was the training ? Worst lay ! : D Kak Suet Yee want to denda us with ketuk ketampi but for her is kantung kereta api  : P . Such a good time coz at the end , we win ! Yay , senior is the best : D Thanks Kak Suet Yee !

Ceramah 1 ?
Woww , the motivator = Mr Ashvin K. He is awesome . Some said that he is very handsome . Well , it is very interesting . So many that I have learn . Add him on Facebook = Ashvin Taylor ^^

Ceramah 2 ?
Woww , our seniors are very good actress . All of them acting like they are not a good leader , a very useless leader and a very powerful leader . Huh ! Many of us hate this situation . We prefer democratic way ! Haha , thanks Puan Kamatchi . The conclusion is always the best . If there is no leader , there is no member and if there is no member , there is no leader . Teamwork is needed .

Ceramah 3 ?
All of us membentangkan theme for our gathering with a very good leader . Wah ! Lega . My group theme is Cultural , fo a better tomorrow . But I agree with Kak Shanti's one . Music pop . Super Junior is one of her list . Haha , like it !

Apa yang saya dapat ?
I learn how to set my goal . Mr Ashvin said :
Goal Setting -
Top 3% with written and specific goals
Top 10% with general goals in mind
Remaining had few if any goals at all .

10 Tips to keep you in motion
1.Just get started
2.Be positive
3.Be patient
4.Reward yourself
5.Set a daily planner
6.Take a risk
7.Is your daily schedule exciting ?
8.Imagine it come true
9.Repetition and hard work is the key
10.Read success stories

Important Attitudes
1.Be positive
2.Have confidence
3.Determination and persistance
4.Hard work and repetition
5.Self-compliment/Love yourself
6.Believe in yourself/Have faith
7.Spontaneity/Don't procastinate

Conclusion :
The career you choose today may not be what will you do in your life