SUPER JUNIOR AMAZING NUMBERS. Why does Super Junior have to be 13? Why did Kangin said Super Junior shine the brightest when all 13 perform together?

People said, there's no coincidence in this world but...lets take a look about the amazing numbers of Super Junior below^^

If we sort their years, months and birthdate we'll see :

EeTeuk: 1983.07.01
Heechul: 1983.07.10
Hankyung: 1984.02.09
Yesung: 1984.08.24
Kangin: 1985.01.17
Shindong: 1985.09.28
Sungmin: 1986.01.01
Eunhyuk: 1986.04.04
Donghae: 1986.10.15
Siwon: 1987.02.10
Ryeowook: 1987.06.21
Kibum: 1987.08.21
Kyuhyun: 1988.02.03


Let's see from their birth years. Add 2 digits in the back of the year.

Leeteuk: 83…. 8+3=11 ….1+1=2
Heechul: 83 ….8+3=11…. 1+1=2
HanKyung: 84…. 8+4=12 ….1+2=3
Yesung: 84…. 8+4=12 ….1+2=3
Kangin: 85…. 8+5=13….1+3=4
Shindong: 85…. 8+5=13…. 1+3=4
Sungmin: 86…. 8+6=14 ….1+4=5
Eunhyuk: 86…. 8+6=14 ….1+4=5
Donghae: 86…. 8+6=14…. 1+4=5
Siwon: 87…. 8+7=15…. 1+5=6
Ryeowook: 87…. 8+7=15 ….1+5=6
Kibum: 87 ….8+7=15 ….1+5=6
Kyuhyun: 88 ….8+8=16 ….1+6=7

Add every numbers that you got from above.



Now the months of their birth

Teuk: 07…. 0+7=7
Heechul: 07 ….0+7=7
Hankyung: 02…. 0+2=2
Yesung: 08…. 0+8=8
Kangin: 01… 0+1=1
Shindong: 09 ….0+9=9
Sungmin: 01…. 0+1=1
Eunhyuk: 04…. 0+4=4
Donghae: 10 ….1+0=1
Siwon: 02…. 0+2=2
Ryeowook:06…. 0+6=6
Kibum:08…. 0+8=8
Kyuhyun:02…. 0+2=2

Same way of adding



The last, in Super Junior there are no member who born in March, May, November, and December.

March(03) May(05) Nov(11) Dec(12)



Super Junior consist of an amazing formula that has to be 13.
Now, we'll see from the alphabets. ( A=1, B=2 etc… )



Add all V
E =5,
R =1+8=9,

The result is 10+3+7+5+9+1+3+5+9+6+9=67,

6+7=13 !!!

Super Junior was created to meet this 13 people and for their success , they must do it together !
Forever 13 - I love Zhou Mi and Henry too :P


According to my status ( Facebook ) , mengikut Kamus Dewan , HIBURAN bermaksud sesuatu (perbuatan,benda,dll) untuk menghiburkan (menyenang,menenteramkan) hati . Jadi , terpulang pada setiap individu untuk mengekspreskan dirinya dalam hiburan  :) Itu hak saya , kawan .

In English - According to Kamus Dewan , ENTERTAINMENT mean something (actions, objects,etc.) to entertain (comforting, reassuring) . So , it's up for each individual to express himself in entertainment :)

Like my situation , I really really really really really really really love KPOP . KPOP is the best selection for me , if it is not the best for others , never-m . As long I never curse or show that I hate their favourite so much , don't curse or show that you hate KPOP so much . We should have some respect here . Not some but FULL respect .
It is just like our favourite food . Not everyone love vegetables and not everyone love Mc'Donalds, rite ?
I love Kpop for the first time because of the QUALITY . Not because of their handsomenesss or whatnesss :)
It depends on each person eyes . 

There is a boy or girl who said to me that he never understand people today who love Kpop . He will never understand because he have no respect . And he said to me , those people I love or like so much never know or care about me . So what ? Sometimes it will be happy if we are in our own world . I'm Malay and I'm Muslim .

Mengikut batas-batas agama , selagi perkara itu tidak melalaikan , kita boleh meminatinya . Jadi , janganlah LALAI .

If I'm jealous of the couples there , that doesn't mean that I  want to couple or marry with them damn so much . I'm not angry but I need some respect here . At least , I never set Korean artist's picture as my profile picture . HYPOCRITE rite ? There is only Korean artist's picture there and you are advising me to wake from my dream . Ouh puh-leaaaaseee :)

Blah Blah Blah , you do not want to accept my fact ? 
Never-m . Long time ago , I'm very very very very very anti with a group , Girl's Generation ... then I started to realize that other people will hate me too . So , I stop anti them . I started to respects others favourite . I've unlike all the anti-page . 
Puh-leaseeeee , RESPECT okaaaay ? :)

Why Kpop is the best selection ?

Kpop artist is really really really really really handsomee and cute :P - if you're not blind
They are talented and trained for many years so that they became a super duper artist .
Their dance is so awesome ! Eventhough they learned it from their choreographer but they practice and do it well .
Their fans are very supportive because total number of album sold reach almost 300 00 copies .
Their fashion is very very very very like a super fashionista and up to date .
Their drama is very very very very intesting and totally perfect . Ex : He's Beautiful , Boys Over Flower , Secret Garden , My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and etc .
Their variety show is very infective not like others - only know to talk . I give you example ; Star King really unbelievable , Strong Heart really imprensive and etc . You should search for it .
And , they have fans from all over the world .
They also made their name in Guinnes Book of Record ,
Ex : TVXQ - Having the largest official fan club(over 800 thousand-not include unregistered)  and photograped over 500 million times in magazines , album jacket , commercial film and etc .
Super Junior - The largest boy band in the world with 13 members .
So , no doubt that KPOP is AWESOME .
Join this world and you will always feel the love and happines !

Top Best Song
2.Sorry Sorry-Super Junior
3.Gee-Girl's Generation
4.Ring Ding Dong-SHINee
5.Nobody-Wonder Girls
6.Shy Boy-Secret
7.Before The Dawn-Infinite
10.Bo Peep Bo Peep-T-Ara

You should listen to it !