Pineapple's Love Letter♥

This date is not really special but it means a lot to me :)
On this date , I met a boy / man .
On this date , I started to realize something .
On this date , my life changed .
The first time I saw him , I really hate him .
Suddenly , my heart wanted to watch him in a mini drama .
His smile , his voice , his expression , his laugh ...
I fall in love with him .
I love everything about him .
I can't tell how much I love him .
There is no word that could describe my feeling . 
Watching him makes me happy and smile .
My dearest hubby , thanks for your love .
I feel so grateful that you were born to this world .
You and me , 8 years distance .
I don't care about it .
#When love start to grow , age is just a number .
Now , your cute face are everywhere .
Your angelic voice always accompany me , days and nights .
Your spirit always make me strong .
You are the best for me .
Even our love is not forever , you are the best memory in my life .
Love you