Date With U-Kiss !

Finally ! I meet my U-Kiss !!! They are Super Duper Triple Trouble Cute and  Handsome .
SooHyun-Very sporting !
Kevin-Talkative !
KiSeop-Very charismatic when dancing !
DongHo-Very cute when aegyo !
AJ-Very happening !
Eli-Very macho and have muscle !
Hoon-Such a nice boy !
I was there at 3 o'clock even the gate was opened at 7 pm . I don't care as long I can see them . HAHA . The price of my ticket is RM 330 and it is complimentary ticket :) Even I'm not VIP but I can watch my U-Kiss clearly and better than Kiss Me outside the pit .
This is what happen that day :
First , they introduce themselves . Kevin saw my banner ! Then , they were asked to choose one question and invite the one who askes the question on stage . So lucky that seven girls . But I cannot forget the one Eli choose . That girl was so happy and so hyper . She keep jumping and hugging Eli . Eli must be sick of it . Haha . I'm jealous with the girl with DongHo , Kevin and KiSeop . Okaay , then they invite another 7 girls to dance to Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul . So lucky that seven girls . They choose only 3 winner from Man Man Ha Ni dance and only one winner out of three from Bingeul Bingeul dance  . The girl who won the game had a chance to take picture with U-Kiss and got group hug with U-Kiss . Very lucky that girl , rite ?

Next , the MC asked them to do their favourite pose . Kevin just aegyo . Ahh ! I cannot remember another members pose but AJ doing sexy pose . Haha . He is so sporting ! After that , we celebrate AJ and DongHo's birthday as their birthday was in June . AJ was one 4th June while DongHo on 19th . We sang English Version birthday song to AJ and Korean Version birthday song to DongHo . Wahh ! Saeng-il Chukha Hamnida , saranghaeyo .

Well , break for a while because U-Kiss have to change for their performance . Yeah ! It started with 0330 . Ahh ! Don't deny our r2ㅠ ! Then is Bingeul Bingeul . Ahh ! I only look at my KiSeop because he is so cool when dancing . After that is Shut Up . Wahh ! Only look at my KiSeop again . But when it is Man Man Ha Ni , I only look at my DongHo . I really like to see him dancing Man Man Ha Ni .

Their performance ended but for the RM 650 , RM 480 and RM 330 ticket purchaser , we had a chance to shake hand with them and got an autographed album from them . Of course I am one the lucky girl . Haha . The first person I hand shake with is U-Kiss leader , SooHyun . I said to him , I love you and he reply , Ouh you are so beautiful . Ahh ! SooHyun , you are my boyfiee now :) Kak Adriana and her friend had a chat with SooHyun and SooHyun are lying . Haha . Naughty SooHyun . Then , it's Kevin . Sahira gave him choki choki and Kevin said thank you . Kevin's make up is so thick . Then it's Eli . Kak Adriana said that he hold Eli hand a bit longer than others . Haha . So lucky . Then , KiSeop will the first one giving all the album . He give the album to me with the sweetest smile and I said thank you . Seriously he is so cute . I love his smile . Next is DongHo . He is like in his world . Haha . But I cannot forget his smile ! After DongHo is AJ . He is so tall . Kak Adriana told us that she only look into AJ's eyes . Such a beautiful eyes . Haha :) And next is Hoon . Ahh ! I only shake his hand and smile . Ouh my , U-Kiss daebak ! I cannot forget all of them ! And my hand ... I keep it from anything else , So very really precious . Haha . Pics ? I will update it later . Just wanna story first .

U-Kiss , Saranghaeyo !