Choral Speaking - A Better Tomorrow

I'm typing this because I want to memorize it .
Tomorrow is the day - Anugerah Cemerlang 2010 .
A choral speaking from 3 Bestari : )

In thunder and lightning , here we come .
Ladies and gentlemen , we the children of today present to you

Malaysia is a multi-racial country ,
A country that belongs to all Malaysian,
With a shared history and a believe in a shared future .
Only a five letter word ,
Yet the foundation of multi racial Malaysia .
A cultural melting pot ,
A unique heritage of different races ,
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world ,
Malaysia , Truly Asia .

We have dances from joget to ngajat ,
All swaying beautiful to our angklung ,
In our baju kurung , cheongsam and sari ,
We have Malaysian who have made us proud .
Datuk Jimmy Choo ,
A cheapest pair cost RM 3000 ,
Really ?
Datuk Bernard Chandran ,
The fashion designer , extraordinaire !
Datuk Azhar Mansor ,
The braze seafaring adventurer .
Datuk Siti Nur Haliza ,
The song bird ,
Datuk Michelle Yeoh ,
The Bond Girl .

Malaysian love their food ,
The menu for breakfast , lunch and dinner will be as varied as it's people .
Char Kuey Tiow ,
Roti Canai ,
Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik ,
And don't forget the king of fruit , the Durian .
Eeeeeee ...
Nice la ...
How about the sago worms ?
Hey , they are delicious .
And nutritious .
Our famous Sarawak kek lapis ,
Exported to the rest of the world .
So defined , So refined , So divine .

The range is totally out of the world ,
From bullock carts to Gen-2 ,
Steam locomotives , monorails and ...
Believe it or not ,
RM 9.99 air ticket to Bali .
Now , everyone can fly .
Travelling has become a breeze .

Our famous Petronas Twin Tower ,
Wahh ...
A symbol of our aspiration ,

Cyberspace have become an important platform ,
For people to get what they want ,
It's the preferred choice ,
Among the younger generation ,
Like us !

Blogging is now becoming a trend ,
I have a blog ,
I have a blog too ,
Mine's multiply (My line - it's true what )
We all have blogs ,
Hey , even our politicians have blogs .
The internet cannot be neglected .
What will happen if we do ?
It will be like leaving our sword behind in a battle .

Into the final frontier ,
Here we come with our handsome angkasawan .
Uuuuuuu ...
A small step for Dr Syeikh Muszhafar ,
A giant leap for all Malaysians ,
He is the symbol of possibility ,
If he can do it , So can we .

In the world of sport ,
We have our fare shared of joy and tears ,
Agony of defeat , Glory of success .
We have made of presence felt in more ways than one .
Datuk Nicole Ann David ,
Squashing her rivals ,
Danial Bego and Bryan Lomas ,
Making wave whereever they go ,
With their skill and dexterity ,
Datuk Shalin Zulkifli ,
Will bowl you over ,
Strike ! Yes !
Datuk Lee Chong Wei ,
Ruling the courts over the world .
Our Malaysians sport star ,
A beacon of hope and inspiraton .

Our tourist spot are the best among the world ,
Sipadan , a heaven for divers ,
Penang , Pearl of Orient ,
Malacca , Historical City ,
Terengganu , home to the leatherback turtles ,
Sarawak , land of the Hornbills ,
Come one , come all if you will .
Mulu Caves ,
World Herritage Site .

We the present generation must ensure that our flora and fauna ,
And our rich biodiversity , must remain intact .
We must safegurad it for our future generation ,
We , the youths of Malaysia want a country ,
Founded on security , peace and prosperity ,
Upholding the principle of our Rukun Negara ,
We want forward thinking Malaysians ,
To meet the challenges of globalization ,
Let us all work together ,
Hand in hand to create A BETTER TOMORROW .

One voice ,
One hope ,
One nation ,

Cacamarba Melayu-Jepun

Suka marah 
Suka berjimat
Orang bisu
Suka makan nasi
Suka layan blues
Suka belajar
Kerap buat kacau
Sangat kedekut
Kuat tidur
Suka mengintai
Orang tua
Kena tinggal bini
Suka merempit
Lembap sangat
Suka campur aduk

: P
Bukan Japanese betul pun . Cacamarba only .
Enjoy !

Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas - 12 March 2011

Must eat the nasi lemak even my stomach is already full.Tak gemuk,kan ?

Kawad Kaki ?
Ehh?Kak Suet Yee and Kak Lai Fong came to train us how to kawad kaki : ) . Kak Azmina train form 1 , Kak Lai  Fong train form 2 and Kak Suet Yee train us ! ( The seniors-form 3,4,5,6 ) How was the training ? Worst lay ! : D Kak Suet Yee want to denda us with ketuk ketampi but for her is kantung kereta api  : P . Such a good time coz at the end , we win ! Yay , senior is the best : D Thanks Kak Suet Yee !

Ceramah 1 ?
Woww , the motivator = Mr Ashvin K. He is awesome . Some said that he is very handsome . Well , it is very interesting . So many that I have learn . Add him on Facebook = Ashvin Taylor ^^

Ceramah 2 ?
Woww , our seniors are very good actress . All of them acting like they are not a good leader , a very useless leader and a very powerful leader . Huh ! Many of us hate this situation . We prefer democratic way ! Haha , thanks Puan Kamatchi . The conclusion is always the best . If there is no leader , there is no member and if there is no member , there is no leader . Teamwork is needed .

Ceramah 3 ?
All of us membentangkan theme for our gathering with a very good leader . Wah ! Lega . My group theme is Cultural , fo a better tomorrow . But I agree with Kak Shanti's one . Music pop . Super Junior is one of her list . Haha , like it !

Apa yang saya dapat ?
I learn how to set my goal . Mr Ashvin said :
Goal Setting -
Top 3% with written and specific goals
Top 10% with general goals in mind
Remaining had few if any goals at all .

10 Tips to keep you in motion
1.Just get started
2.Be positive
3.Be patient
4.Reward yourself
5.Set a daily planner
6.Take a risk
7.Is your daily schedule exciting ?
8.Imagine it come true
9.Repetition and hard work is the key
10.Read success stories

Important Attitudes
1.Be positive
2.Have confidence
3.Determination and persistance
4.Hard work and repetition
5.Self-compliment/Love yourself
6.Believe in yourself/Have faith
7.Spontaneity/Don't procastinate

Conclusion :
The career you choose today may not be what will you do in your life