Anniversary with my blog !

Wah ! Today is my 365th day of my blog . Our first anniversary :D I'm still remember the moment I name and beautify my blog . It is too hard but I really work hard to beautify my blog and now I'm satisfied with it . Well , I always use English in my blog and maybe some of you doesn't understand my languange because I'm weak in English but I gain my confident here - BLOG :D My first blog link ? It's nanaz-hottestvoice . Haha . But I changed it to kisahkumiko and another one , I can't remember it . But now , it is nanaz-officialblog and InsyaAllah , the name will remain the same . I always want to thank everyone who visit and follow my blog . THANK YOU SO MUCH . Also other bloggers who always share and give so many tutorial about blog . MAY GOD BLESS YOU ! I'm crazy with my blog as I always open my blog even I don't want to post anything . For me , looking at my blog make me smile :) Thanks my dear blog . I love you and always love you .