Etude Memory

I was inexperienced when it comes to love , but you accepted me .
I used to not know the meaning of life , until you were beside me .
I didn’t know how to smile , until you made me .
I was cold-hearted , but you changed me .
Boy , you don’t know how much you mean to me .
You are the angel in my life , so please don’t ever leave me .
I love you and only you . You do love me too don’t you ?
Boy , let’s stay like this forever .
You and me , let’s grow old together .
Let’s watch our grandchildren play .
Let’s tell them together our story how it turned out to be okay .
 Thank you for being mine .
I am forever yours .
Hug me tight and never let go .
The two of us will go on forever .
Someday we’ll openly show everyone our love .
When that day comes I will never let go of your hands .
I love you. These past two years has been nothing but bliss .
Thank you 

#HappyAnniversary , Hubby ;)