60 Seconds

My tears won't stop flowing whenever I think of you . Maybe you are only one who know why I am still single till now . Are you missing me even though both of us are now in two different worlds ? As long as the time still go on , I will wait for you . Let me keep all this memories till I reach there . Just let me live in peace . Just remember one thing , my love . You are not visible anymore but my love for you is eternal .

Dew in the dawn spread the hope . I count every second . Is this the time I have to go ? God , I love him . Let me live . I will never hurt him . Punish me if it happen . It's not easy for me to love .  It's not easy for me confess . It's not easy for me to say that I'm in love . My lullaby is only for him . My prayer is only for You . No doubt , I swear I love him till the end of my life .