Illa Illa ♥

I love you even as the time goes by . I love you even if the world changes . I'm always glad you stay by my side and protect me . Thank you . Whenever I open my eyes in the morning , I think of you . Starting with a bright smile even after a tiresome day again , I think of you . I'm the happiest person alive . Now I'm not sad . Now I don't cry . I give you my all . I love you . Although I can't stop your tears from falling I'll shed my tears along with you . Let's not be hurt again . Let's not cry again . I give my all to you . Even if we fall a thousand times , even if we collapse again ... We'll get up again . Even if the wind and rain beat down on us , even if darkness falls ... I'll protect you . Because of you , I live another day . Because of you , my heart continues to beat . I shout to the skies that you're the one and only person that I love . I love you 

Who are they ? The angels who always care for her , love her and now ... already become her happiness . Why it's hard for them to tell her ? Because they love her a lot . This girl is sorry for making her angels worry about her . This girl annoy them so much , this girl can't wake from her dream but ... her angels need to know that she also don't want thing like this happened . She never want to be in this situation . She hate to be in this situation . She tried so hard to make her angels to not get annoyed with her ... even this girl asked them so many times . 'Am I annoying?' This girl love to hear the truth because whether it's good or bad ... in the future , there is something better than today . Her angels need to know something too . This girl put so much effort to endure her feeling and this problem is not the only problem that hurt her .There is other problem that hurt her the most . Why such word did not hurt her a bit ? Because she know's for her best and it shows that her angels care for her a lot . Why is this girl crying ? Because if she never cry today , her life will be miserable and she will never realize the truth that she is facing now . Now this girl is blank , she can't choose the path but she know what to do for her future . Her ambition is to be a doctor or a lawyer and she will fulfill her ambition first . This is her future , InsyaAllah . And this girl thanks her angels a lot .

There is an angel , she always make this girl strong enough to face the day .
There is an angel , she always calm this girl's worried and bothersome heart .
There is an angel , acting like she never care but she care for this girl actually .
There is an angel , who work hard to wake this girl from her dream .
There is an angel , who bright the day till this girl didn't know that this angel , love her .
And there is a girl , who can't stop talking about her angels because she love them a lot .

Dear angels , we are meant for each other . If one of us fall , the remaining five will raise that angel up . If one of us is not happy , the remaining five will always care . In this world , where can we meet this angels ? We love each other so much and we believe that we can walk this path together as one . Thanked God that He gather us and make us love each other . It takes another lifetime to find another you , BB :)