We were in love , weren’t we ? All those days we spent together . We shared our pain , didn’t we ? Even when we didn’t know what was wrong . Where are you now ? Don’t you hear my voice ? My aching heart searches for you . It calls out for you , it’s going crazy . My heart , my tears . Again the memory of you drop by drop fall onto my chest . I cry and cry and these memories can’t be erased . Today my empty heart is drenched again . We liked each other , didn’t we ? I used to make you laugh just by smiling . We cried together , didn’t we ? You would hurt too when you saw my tears . Where are you now ? Don’t you see how exhausted I am ? My aching heart searches for you . It calls out for you , it’s going crazy . Won’t you come back to me?  Every day I call out your name . As I wait and exhausted , I wander and look for you . My love , my tears , my memories is with you .
Annyeong readers, 2012 have leave us and let's welcome 2013 . I hope this year will be better than 2012 . I really love 2012 . There are some sad memories and there are some sweet memories . BUT I got more sweet memories from 2012 . Thanks to anyone who were with me in 2012 . So , what sweet things that happened in 2012 ?
1. I'm in 4 Cekal
Yes , 4 Cekal in JIGSS is a science class . Majority of the student in this class is the student who got 7 A's and 8 A's in PMR . Well , as I got 7 A's and 1 B in my PMR , I am afraid that I am not able to be in this class . But on that morning , when they were arranging our classes , I heard my name in 4 Cekal's namelist . I am so happy . I got to meet my friends *well , many of them are straight A liner*
2. I met my Ranju
Who is Ranju ? Her full name is Ranjeni but I love to call her Ranju ;) She is my classmate and we sat beside each other . She is very funny and my friends always claimed that we are couple . Hahaha . Well , I love her and yes , I know she love me too . We love to hate each other . She is my sit partner after Anis went for other school .
3. Date with SNSD
SNSD or Girl's Generation is not a group that I like but I follow their music ;) My cousin is a big fan of them and it was the first time SNSD come to Malaysia . She is excited that we went for Twin Tower Concert . Hahaha . I don't want to remind what I saw in that concert . Hahaha . I want to laugh . Well , I enjoyed them and my cousin look at me with unbelievable look . She even asked me , why are you cheering like that ? You are not their fans . Ouh well , once we entered a concert , we would want to follow and can't stop ;)
4. F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix
Yes , it is the first time I went for F1 . I went there with Sahira , my bestiee and her siblings . Well , she asked me to bring a earphone but I only bring headphone and it's not helping at all . My ears are going to be deaf if I went there again . But I really enjoy this trip . We sat in front of the starting line . Well , actually the ticket cost much money . Hmm . Won't tell more about it .
5. Date with Teen Top
They are coming to Malaysia for the second time ! That was what I shouted when I found out that they are going to perform for Malaysia Youth Day . We . Sahira and I got to stand at the front , step on a small chair , take a beautiful picture of them , L.Joe noticed my banner , all of them noticed us since we are the one who suddenly become the tallest there . It's such a sweet memories ;)
6. Kuala Gandah Trip
This is my second trip with JIGSS . I went there with my beloved friends , Nena , Vivi and Faiza . So sad that Fieda were unable to join us . But seriously , I enjoyed this trip ! I got to meet elephant in front of me . Ouh , Faiza got to snap a picture with a snake . Hahaha . I just snapped a picture with a deer .
7. I am EXOTIC !
Okay , EXOTIC is a temporary fanclub name for a famous rookie group that debut in April 2012 , EXO . This group is divided into 2 sub-unit , EXO-K , which promote in Korea and EXO-M , which promote in China ;) There are 12 members is this group . I know them before their debut actually . That is when they are known as M1 and M2 :D  I watched their teaser and I really hate Kai that time coz he got the most teaser . The first member I like , Oh Sehun *wink* the second is Lu Han *wink* . Then  I watched their MV , What Is Love . I don't know why but I think the vocalist voice is just like Yoo Young Jin's voice that I ignore them at first . After their debut , on 30 April I downloaded their tittle track , MAMA . And ... I fall in love with Kai . Hahaha . That time my Sehun got the least part and I change my bias to Kai . Then ... around June , I listened to their song , Angel . Okay , that is the day I become an EXOTIC ;) Plus , I watched EXO-M Happy Camp and fall in love with Kris . Once again , change my bias in EXO-M . Mianhae Luhan . Since that , I really love EXO ! These 12 boys remind me of Super Junior . *but now my bias list have turned upside down*
8. I met my BB
Okay , BB actually stand for Big Bangang . Created by me ;) Actually the members in BB is my friends who I know since form 2 and form 4 . We started to be in a group since 13th July 2012 . Well , being in this group really make me happy . They made my day , they always be with me when I need them . Sincerely , I love them that I can't stop talking about them to other people . Hahaha . Lead by a crazy , childish but a responsible leader , helped by two other elders who always fight for maturity since their age difference is only one day . Then , the eldest among the youngest who always make us laugh a lot . Followed by a younger one that is cheerful and have weird aura . End with a small , short , penguin-like as the youngest . I am glad that I met them and thanked God they are here till today , always with me :)
9. Bicara Berirama 2012
Bicara Berirama or Choral Speaking was one of the performance for Malaysia's Independence Day . My school was selected and my school have to send 80 students for this performance . Well , my class was chosen and we went there half-hearted . Really hate it at first but then , we started to love it . It give a lot of memories to me and BB . We met so many friends . Well , actually this performance combined 26 schools in Kuala Lumpur and 1000+ students was chosen . Yosh , can't tell more . I miss this one ;)
10. My birthday
My 16th birthday . of course it was the memorable day ever ! Well , it was on Sunday and we still got practice for Bicara Berirama . In the morning , I received a lot of wishes especially my BB , my cousin and Iera . I got a lot of present too . Well , when I opened my FB , tadaa ! So many people wished me . Thanks a lot ! BB also held a birthday party for me and well , surprise party , I guess . That's why I love them a lot . Hahaha . My siblings wishes is the best ! They kissed me when I'm going to sleep and wished me . I love you , siblings !
11. The first time going for tuition
Yes . Me , NanazDaira never go for any tuition classes before . Only extra classes held by school . My tuition center is far away at Pasar Seni there and I went there with my BB , Nena and Fazrin . Well , the youngest one is the only one who went for tuition ;) And , I started to love it even though it is tiring .
This feeling is the first time . This love is the first time . The one that moves my heart is you . My love is for you . I just met you but I want to meet again . You are the only one who can be by my side . Even if I close my eyes I can find my one and only . I will protect you . Your day is my day , because of each other every day can be beautiful . Don’t bring up breaking up , such a hurtful words . Just stay by my side like this