One Person's Story

So many stories come and go but only me who have one story about a person for years now . It’s a story about a person that only you don’t know and everyone else knows . If things are hard , I cry by myself . A sadness that isn’t even necessary because I hate being told to forget you . Words that haven’t even cooled down – I love you . Haven’t you ever been curious about my heart ? Loving someone to the point where you hate them . Do you know how that feels ? I’ve done nothing but love . But they keep telling me to not fall in love now . No one brings up stories about you in front of me . On good days , I laugh by myself but it’s awkward because I can’t laugh loudly because I hate it when they worry about me . When tears rise up , I sing that sad melody – probably about a thousand times . I love you . Are you trying to ignore me ? The more I love , the more afraid I get that you might get distant . So only my lies keep increasing . I don’t want to lose you .