Dead At Heart

For real , what did you do during this year , love ? After letting you go , I felt like I was going to go crazy up until yesterday . In that long period of time there’s only you who left me . Having no other thoughts but of you, that’s how this year is passing by . The memories of that rainy day , when I went to go to find you . The clear sunshine that shined down on us when we walked together . None of these have left me . Inside my head , it makes me slowly die . All of my friends have become adults . But me ... still like an immature child . Having no other thoughts but of you , it’s just like being dead . I can’t understand our breakup . Even now I imagine our future . Even after our breakup ...  just like how my heart is always living by your side . It’s as if it’s dead . I stop the moments that I loved you . Even when we’re together , I won’t be able to remember you . If I just think that I wasn’t any of these , then it’s nothing . If I can’t forget you , it’s as if i’m dead .