Dear Angels , I know you hate some points in me and even annoyed with it . Please ... tell me if you are . I feel like I'm invisible in your eyes . I feel like I want to drift away from all of you . Do you know why ? Because you can't point me the mistake I made and you can't tell me what's terrible about me . Thus , you choose to avoid me and join others . Like seriously , I am quite sad with the situation I am facing right now . I feel like I am useless even though we're supposed to lean on each other . I feel like I am stupid when I'm great at certain things . You guys never make me see myself in that way . Friendship is about to give and take . I can't just give in to all of you . I feel like it's me who always take it . Can't you take what I'm trying to give ? Just please ... I don't want anything else . All I want is to have all of you to share happiness and sadness with me . I don't want to see all the bias thing in our friendship . What others give is what you have to take . What others take , you have to accept it . Directly say it is not the proper way in our friendship . But I hope we can advice each other in a good way so that no heart will get hurt . Don't deny , my angels . All of you are already become my world , how can I never know what you guys are thinking ? If one of us is sad , we can always cheer each other . But please ... please appreciate . Don't ever say that words is just a word ! Words or pray from a friend come with bless , my dear angel . So please appreciate because we're not able to help you in physical way . Problem only can be settled by your own . Each one of us can only guide and support . And ... some of us are lacking in something . I hope , we can fix it together and not make others jealous with what we have . Don't ignore one another with the thing you have . Dear Angels , no more love story to be told . You guys are innocent and maybe not able to understand the feeling . I understand I'll fix it . I just hope we can fix it together as a family . Please ... I hope we can fix it before I fix it on my own . I did this because I love every single of you . I can cry because all of you . You guys are the definition of happiness to me