This post is dedicated to the sweetest buddy I ever have in my life, Sahira bt Mohd Tamam. My girl, my angel. Born on 8th November 1996, she is my baby dongsaeng. We know each other when we're in standard 4. She was a new student and the silent type so we are not close to each other yet. We're classmate for three consecutive years and we started to be best friend when we're in standard 6. Want to know when? It was when we know that we have a crush on the same person. How funny. Every girls in the school was hating me but she was the one who always be with me, without any doubt, without any hatred. It's funny if I write some of primary school memory so I better stop. Hehehe. 

Then, we entered the same high school even though we're in different class. I'm grateful that even we're in different session but we managed to contact each other and remain best friend till now. Starting from form 1 also, we started to exchanged birthday present and I still keeping all the present. Beside that, we always want to be the first one to wish each other on our birthday. Well, many did not realise this but Sahira and I have almost the same face that stranger even look at us twice just to confirm that we're twin or not. I admit that I'm shorter than her but both of us are so small that people will think we're twin. Plus, we love to stick to each other wherever we go. We love to joke around and even insulting each other but we never take it to heart. Even if we do, we will talk about it honestly and we settle it happily. Don't want to be proud but the fact is we never fight. She is like my own sister and we know each other well.

 I'm close with her family too. Of course, I'm close with her family. I always go to her house just to accompany her. But beside that we always gossip together, watching movie together and even cooking together when I visit her house. Sahira have one older sister and one older brother. Her older sister is my sister's senior in university while her older brother was in the same high school as my sister and my mother. And that's what make us closer than before. 

Ouh yeah, forgot to mention. Both of us enjoy KPOP music much. The funny thing is whenever we want to point out our bias in a group, we end up choosing the same person and start a war. At last, we manage to agree that we will always like the same person. HAHAHA. For example, my bias in INFINITE in 2011 was Kim SungGyu and she said her bias was Kim MyungSoo that time. As time passed by, she told me that her bias in INFINITE is Kim SungGyu and I have to give up on her because she likes SungGyu so much - till now. Then I figured out that... both of us actually can't choose between MyungSoo and SungGyu. Even the our third bias in INFINITE is the same that is Nam WooHyun. One more thing about her, she is most likely will like the eldest one in a group as her bias. Example? Super Junior HeeChul, INFINITE SungGyu, EXO XiuMin. So I guess, maknae is a no-no for her. She even said Sehun is not that cute! LOL. She really don't have a thing for the maknae. We also went to showcase and concert together. Believe me, every time I heard about concert the one in my mind is her and till today, we never spend any money for every concert we attend. HEHEHE. I wish I could go with her again and this time, we want to meet Super Junior and INFINITE.

The thing that I like the most about Sahira is ... she will do whatever to make others happy. When I'm having mental breakdown with my internet line, she is willing to download some vids for me because she want me to enjoy what she enjoy before. There's time where she let me to hear the newest song through the phone. Not to forget, she even record a live show and bought a movie so that we can watch together. And whenever I'm down and post something in Twitter, she will always ask me what is wrong and give me some word to comfort me. Trust me, everything that she said really make it right for me. She is also a very supportive person. Whenever I'm having a problem, she will always support me and never blame me. She will also listen to whatever story I tell her even though it's a bit boring. Well, can't help when your bestiee is an author, right? HEHEHE. As an author, I have so many imagination and she is one of the people that have to bear with my crazy and nonsense imagination. But sometimes, she will add-on too.

I am happy to have her every time I'm happy and every time I'm down. We have so much fun together. She let me learn many new things in life. She introduced me to some place that I never been before, some brand that I never heard before and even introduced me to some gadget that I never imagine I could use before. I learned many thing from her and I thanked her a lot for that. She even bring me to watch F1 and we got to sit at the VVIP seat. It's really fascinating. The next thing about her is she is not the one who will force you and order you around. When I don't have any smart phone, she never push me to buy one so that she could chat with me easily. She was okay that she had to spend her credit to message me. Seriously, where can I get a girl like her again? No, because she is one of a kind, my bestiee, my sweetheart. I don't know what will happen in the future but I hope we remain as best friend till the end. I love her with all my heart and I know she feel the same too. Baby dongsaeng, I love you!