I tried spending a day without you but the hellish pain traps me. I need to love without you but I don’t even have the smallest space. I cry out loud but you won’t hear and again today, I only say your name. I madly miss you, I miss you to death. I try to push you out but it’s only you in my mind. I tell myself that I’m over you but it’s only you in my mind. I keep missing you, I only miss you. I try to comfort myself, telling myself to stop but I can only forget you because my heart still remembers you. I throw a fit but I keep thinking of you. The longing words that come up to my throat... I love you. I madly love you, I love you to death. Though I curse, though I get angry, it’s only you in my mind. I only love you, I only love you to death because of this foolish love. It's only you because I only love you.