Even though we argued a little yesterday, today we are laughing and embracing each other. Let’s make a promise. You are my best friend. Even if your worry may seem trivial, don’t hold it in but share it with each other. Promise me one more time. When you laugh, I’m happy too. When you’re sad, my eyes tear up as well. I’ll always be your strength and your best friend. If you find a good movie, a song or a guy, make sure to share it with each other. Let’s make a promise together. Let’s not be stingy and buy meals for each other. Let’s make a promise with our finger. For me, when you’re not here I really feel lonely. For me, when you’re sick I can’t sleep. I am worry about you. Have faith and let's hold on together. No matter what I won’t be afraid. The word friendship may sound awkward but I think that word was created to describe us. There is only one of you in this world, my friend. You’re my joy and my soul. I’ll continue to treasure our importance. I love you. You’re my life’s present. You’re my jewel, my miracle. I’ll protect my appreciative heart. Once again, I swear to God I love you, my friend. We make pretty nicknames for each other and play around. Sometimes, we share our cool clothes. You’re number one in my speed dial. You’ll always be my best friend. Forever you’re my friend and my only friend

This song is dedicated to someone precious to me, my second boyfriend, my leader and my bestfriend. Born on 20th January 1996, she was named as Eviyana Allysa. A unique name that brings out an outstanding personality that would always amaze you. This girl is one of a kind. She have the beauty, the brain, the kindness and the guts to do anything she want. Don't want to story much but want to tell the world how I treasure her so much. We started well at first but of course, there are no friend who never get into a fight. I fought with her before but I manage to use this chance to understand her more. Time passed by and I unknowingly know her secret but keep it by my side in order not to hurt her. There's time people keep hurting me and I have no one to depend hence she was there, opening her arm to embrace me and comfort me. That was the time I learnt to understand her better and to not misunderstand anyone. As I got close to her, I got to know that she have so many reason for everything she had done. People did not see it because they never try to fix what they though of about her. This girl has another side that people need to explore. She was a caring person who always burst out her feeling but never keep it to heart. She would forgive and forget. There are sometimes she hold on for too long but in the end, she have no choice but to back off from something useless. She was hurting but no one see it because she has a mask of herself as well. She smiled, acted silly but she have something that she keep to herself and that needs me to discover. She made many mistake but we make mistake as well. To compare with, others make a bigger mistake than her. She is a kind and the most fillial daughter I ever meet. People only see her as something else because she is beautiful and have so many fans but people don't know what she is doing and what is her feeling. People keep hurting her but they don't see it. Eviyana Allysa is someone who always never let me alone. She is always there when no one want to comfort me. She is always there to back me up. She is always there to tell the truth without hurting me. We enjoy teasing each other so much that I almost strangle her but most of the time, she helps me a lot to get through my problem. I don't know what will happen to me if she's not there. I know maybe I have not done enough to be a good friend but I want her to know that I will always be with her as much as she was there with me. There is something that I hid from her but is known by others except her. I choose not to tell her because I don't want to hurt her more. Most of the time, she is innocent and I can't take it when she is hurting because people think she is at fault. I would like to apologise because I have been a bad friend before this but my dear, please remember that we have each other. Even if the world is against us, we have each other's back. Let's fight the world together!

 The word friendship may sound awkward but I think that word was created to describe us.