Because of You

I can’t remember how many years it has been since we parted away. But I cry every time when I think about you. Why I’m so eager to see you today? The sound of rain droplets leaves my heart shaken up. I regret giving you my love. I regret getting attached to you. I regret holding you back. Why do I have to face the pain alone? I tried to be your only girl and did you ever understood my heart? Now it became the compass of broken love. Tears are flowing down and it soaks my dry lips. What should I do? Now I can’t erase you out of my mind. I cried a lot because of you. I laughed a lot because of you. I believed in love because of you. I’ve lost everything because of you. I’m speechless. It's suffocating and lonely. The world without you has chewed out my heart. You stomped on my dignity, torn apart my heart. So why did you leave me behind? It also rained on that day. You’ve stared at me wordlessly. You’ve stared at nothing else but me. Those trembling gazes and the awkwardly forced smile, speaks of our separation. You’ve told me to leave. You treat me as if I’m insane. It’s just too hard. Then I cry silently and wordlessly cause I want to stay next to you.  My love is true. I wanna go back to when I was with you. I miss you, I need you. Even in my dreams I’m with you. I miss you, I need you. Rewind back the time. I wanna kiss you again. My heart aches. It’s too much to bear. And where are you? I can’t live without you. Please come back to me and stay with me.