I Like You The Best ♥

Baby , I love you and I'll never let you go
But if I have to , boy I think that you should know
All the love we made can never be erased
And I promise you that you will never be replaced

I love you , yes I do
I'll be with you as long as you want me to
Until the end of time

From the day I met you
I knew we'd be together
And now I know I wanna be with you forever
I wanna marry you and I wanna have your kids
Thinking never compare to the feeling of your kisses

I can say I'm truly happy to this day
You make me thank God that I live my life every day
There's never been a doubt in my mind that I'd regret
Ever having you by my side. 

But if the day comes that I have to let you go
I think there's something I should probably let you know, 
That everyday that I spent with you and
I won't miss you cause I'm happy that I had
You at all.

It Girl

Hye there, I'm the landlord here. Nice to meet you ;) So this post is about me .

The name is NanazDaira but prefer Nanaz more .
One of 96-liner and an August baby .
According to a disease called erotomania , status is married with children .
Heart belongs to a playful , spoiled brat named CaptainCho .
Second princess in the castle .
Short is not my fault and penguin is my friend .
Put the blame on rice and fried chicken for my weight .
Barbie got jealous of me because I'm a Hijabber
Personality depends on my A-type blood type and attitude depends on your nature .
Everyone's most hated colour is my favourite colour .
 Currently I'm so into Ever Lasting Friends , String , Honey , Angel , MeU , Inspirit , EXO-L and Banilla

You desired my attention but denied my affection 

That's all , from the landlord , NanazDaira 


You might see my smile and my tears .
But you will never feel my pained heart .
I tried to ignore my life's problem and be strong .
But this is the fact .
Not a fiction .
I'm struggling for a better and happier life .
Ya Allah , please bless my life .

Daily Daily

Hey readers . Today my post will be in Malay cause I got something to all of my Malay friends . Dear friends , do you know about the secret of a day ? Let me explain about it .

Rasulullah pernah ditanya mengenai hari Sabtu lala baginda bersabda
"Hari Sabtu adalah hari yang penuh makar dan tipu daya."Para sahabat bertanya , "Bagaimana jadi begitu ya Rasulullah?" Baginda bersabda "Kerana pada hari itu orang-orang Quraisy berbuat makar kepadaku di Daran-Nadwah"

Rasulullah ditanya tentang hari Ahad dan beliau bersabda "Hari Ahad adalah hari bercucuk tanam dan pemakmuran."Para sahabat bertanya, "Bagaimana begitu ya Rasulullah?" Beliau bersabda, "Kerana pada hari itulah permulaan dunia dengan pemakmurannya."

Rasulullah kemudian ditanya tentang hari Isnin dan baginda bersabda "Hari Isnin adalah hari menempuh perjalanan dan melakukan perdagangan" Para sahabat bertanya, "Bagaimana begitu ya Rasulullah?" Baginda bersabda, "Kerana pada hari itulah Nabi Syuib a.s. melakukan perjalanan dan perdagangan".

Lalu Rasulullah ditanya tentang hari Selasa, beliau bersabda, "Hari Selasa adalah hari berdarah".Para sahabat bertanya, "Kenapa begitu ya Rasulullah?" Beliau bersabda "Kerana pada hari itulah ibunda Hawa mengalami haid dan Qabil membunuh saudaranya , Habil ."

Berkaitan hari Rabu, Nabi SAW bersabda "Hari Rabu adalah hari sial dan celaka." Para sahabat bertanya. "Kenapa begitu ya Rasulullah?" Baginda bersabda. "Kerana pada hari itulah Allah menenggelamkan Firaun beserta sekalian bala tenteranya dan menghancurkan kaum Tsamud dan kaum 'Ad."

Lalu Rasulullah SAW ditanya tentang hari Khamis, dan baginda bersabda "Hari Khamis adalah hari terpenuhi keperluan dan masuk ke Istana Raja" Para sahabat bertanya, "Kenapa demikian ya Rasullah?" Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Kerana pada hari itulah Nabi Ibrahim kekasih Allah masuk ke istana raja Namruj dan dia mengabulkan permintaan beliau untuk mengambil isterinya,Hajar."

Mengenai sejarah dan rahsia hari Jumaat pula, Nabi SAW bersabda , "Hari Jumaat adalah hari pinangan dan pernikahan" Para sahabat bertanya , "Kenapa demikian ya Rasulullah?" Rasulullah bersabda "Kerana pada hari itulah para Nabi dinikahkan".

Anniversary with my blog !

Wah ! Today is my 365th day of my blog . Our first anniversary :D I'm still remember the moment I name and beautify my blog . It is too hard but I really work hard to beautify my blog and now I'm satisfied with it . Well , I always use English in my blog and maybe some of you doesn't understand my languange because I'm weak in English but I gain my confident here - BLOG :D My first blog link ? It's nanaz-hottestvoice . Haha . But I changed it to kisahkumiko and another one , I can't remember it . But now , it is nanaz-officialblog and InsyaAllah , the name will remain the same . I always want to thank everyone who visit and follow my blog . THANK YOU SO MUCH . Also other bloggers who always share and give so many tutorial about blog . MAY GOD BLESS YOU ! I'm crazy with my blog as I always open my blog even I don't want to post anything . For me , looking at my blog make me smile :) Thanks my dear blog . I love you and always love you .

8 Ways To Stay Cool :)

Today is the dinner date . For sure all of you will be completely ready to have a dinner with your love . Hmm , but what should you do if something terrible happen to you that night ? Must be embarrassing! But I got tips on how to stay cool and make you look cuter in front of your love :P

Wrong Name
Opps ! His name is KyuHyun but you called him HeeChul . Just stay cool , okaay ? Tell him that the boy behind him looks like your ex-classmate but you are not so sure . Say it with confident okaay ?

Food Stuck On Teeth
Ouh my ! So embarassing . Girls , just cover your mouth while smiling . Tell him : Maybe it happened to me so that you will never forget me :P

Wearing The Same Clothes With Other Girls There 
You think that you're the most beautiful girl there but suddenly there is a girl wearing the same clothes with you . And your boy is smiling . Take it easy . Just smile like him and tell him that the clothes that you are wearing is a hot item now ! Warn him to not be surprised if he found another clothes like that . HAHA :D

Spilling Drinks
Take a tissue and don't be so panic . Just keep calm and tell him that you will feel guilty if you spill the drink on his clothes . 

Your Stomach Growls
It was so romantic with the melodious romantic music but suddenly ... your stomach growls . Ouh my , are you that hungry ? Hmm , just pretend that you don't hear it . But if the boy ask you , say sorry to him or you can deny it :)

You and him are walking along the beach . That time , you are wearing high heels and suddenly you sprain your leg . It is even worse if you 'melatah' that time . Hmm , to cover it .. pretend that your leg hurt so much . He will help you and maybe he will massage your leg . So sweet rite ?

Torned Clothes
Ouh my ! Torned ? Act as if you are sad and tell him that the clothes was a gift from your mom . He will be sympathy towards you . If he is a romantic guy , he will buy another clothes for you . Youm must be happy rite ?

Food Stuck On The Lips
Food stuck on your lips and he told you that . Remove it and smile . Ask him : You don't want to remove it for me ? He will smile at your cute question and maybe he will remove it for you . Yeah !

Try it okaay ? It will be so cute :D

Love Philosopher :P

1.We're given only today and never promise tomorrow . So be sure to tell someone you love them <3
2.If you love that person , don't ever say no , I'm not gonna tell him because he won't love me back because you never know what that person is thinking .
3.Love is just a word until you find someone that gives it definition . You have definition already right ? Love is life and if you miss love , you miss life .

CREDIT : Fidayatul Azwaneyda :)

Unexpressed Love

A guy had cancer and had only 30 days left . He liked a girl working in a CD shop but never told her about his feeling . Everyday he used to buy a CD just to spend sometime with her . After a month , he died . When the girl went in search for him , his mum told he died out of cancer and took her to his room , where she saw all the CDs  unopened and the girl started crying . You know why ? She had love letter's for him inside the CD's . Both loved but never expressed .

So readers , why not we tell someone we loved that we love them ? Don't hide your feeling cause you will regret it and live a suffer life :)

The Special One

In life , you meet many people . But you can remember only some , who made a difference in your life . And I know that I am one of those people . Because I made you read this short and useless post . And I am making you read more . Now , thats making a difference in your life . But people like you don't learn easily and continue reading silly post like this . Okaay , now STOP READING . Will you stop reading ? Hello ? I said STOP READING ! Haish -_-"

Love Choose You

If you find yourself in love with someone and that someone does not love you ... be gentle to yourself . There is nothing wrong with you but love just did not choose you to rest in that someone's heart . If you find someone in love with you and you cannot answer that love ... feel honoured that love has came by and called on your door ... but gently refuse the feeling you cannot return as love did not choose to settle in your heart . If you find yourself in love with someone and the love return ... it still can happen that love choose to leave ... do not try to reclaim it and do not asses any blame . Let it go . Despite the pain , there is a reason and meaning to this ... you cannot choose love by yourself , LOVE CHOOSE YOU :)

Originally copy by Nanaz :D

Life Couldn't Get Better - Miracle

I think it's enough for me . I'm not giving up but if I had done something wrong , I think I already apologize . It is the best and the right thing to do since I don't know the reason you were being like this . But if you think that my unpurposely word hurt your sensitive feeling , you should tell me . I'm doing the best to be your bestfriend and I will not regret to have a friend like you because I know , Allah will give me a better life . Thanks .

Blood type tells personality ?

Ouh really ? Blood type tells personality . I gonna share about blood type and their personality . Read this , analysis it and tell me your blood group . But ask your parent first what is their blood type . For me , my mother's blood type is O and my father's blood type is AB . So , my blood type might be A or B :)

-Cannot stand people who hide the truth
-Make objectives clear
-Posses great deal of confidence
-Honest,optimistic and energetic
-Strength and endurance depend on their aim
-Give up easily if they find the job meaningless
-Postive about the past , thus do not regret about the past
-Seek financial stability for the future
-Usually stable and calm
-Sensitive toward sincerity
-Give frank,direct opinion
-Ability to concentrate vary from time to time , depending on aim
-Most prefer to lead
-Can overlook details

-Pesimistic and too sensitive
-Careful about decision making
-Make thing clear in black and white
-Care too much about social rules and standard
-High tolerance for physical or repetitive work
-Cannot take changes easily
-Lose interest in a hobby easily
-Try hard to forget the past
-Pesimistic about the future
-Able to display cool outlook eventhough angry
-Short tempered
-Take longer to heal a broken heart
-Sensitive to other's opinion
-Handle one thing at a time
-Work a line between work and personal affair
-Highly responsible
-Tend to choose hobbies which help them release stress

-Cannot take order easily
-Make decision fast
-Can be flexible
-Do not care about rules
-Respect scientific and practical finding
-Maintain the longest interest in what they do
-Seem impatient
-Dislike repetititous work
-Hard to forget recent affairs , but able to forget past and memories
-Cool and objective
-Although joke a lot , actually be very shy
-Change mood like the weather
-Cannot stop complaining when they are upset
-Creative and posses new idea
-Cannot differeniate between work and hobby
-Cannot take orders
-Do not hesitate to introduce innovative changes and are not worried about theirs criticisms

-Romantic and sentimental
-Extremely practical
-Excellent in analyses
-Give fair criticisms
-Cannot decide when it come to important issue
-Try to be hardworking
-Tend to be impatient
-Sentimental about the past
-More concern about the immediate problem than anything else
-Usually cool and steady but can get upset with an immediate unsolved problem
-Can get mood easily
-Able to handle a wide scope of jobs
-Value hard work
-Quick in understanding
-Not highly responsible and unable to follow-up on a project until its completion
-Tends to be artistic in approach

Date With U-Kiss !

Finally ! I meet my U-Kiss !!! They are Super Duper Triple Trouble Cute and  Handsome .
SooHyun-Very sporting !
Kevin-Talkative !
KiSeop-Very charismatic when dancing !
DongHo-Very cute when aegyo !
AJ-Very happening !
Eli-Very macho and have muscle !
Hoon-Such a nice boy !
I was there at 3 o'clock even the gate was opened at 7 pm . I don't care as long I can see them . HAHA . The price of my ticket is RM 330 and it is complimentary ticket :) Even I'm not VIP but I can watch my U-Kiss clearly and better than Kiss Me outside the pit .
This is what happen that day :
First , they introduce themselves . Kevin saw my banner ! Then , they were asked to choose one question and invite the one who askes the question on stage . So lucky that seven girls . But I cannot forget the one Eli choose . That girl was so happy and so hyper . She keep jumping and hugging Eli . Eli must be sick of it . Haha . I'm jealous with the girl with DongHo , Kevin and KiSeop . Okaay , then they invite another 7 girls to dance to Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul . So lucky that seven girls . They choose only 3 winner from Man Man Ha Ni dance and only one winner out of three from Bingeul Bingeul dance  . The girl who won the game had a chance to take picture with U-Kiss and got group hug with U-Kiss . Very lucky that girl , rite ?

Next , the MC asked them to do their favourite pose . Kevin just aegyo . Ahh ! I cannot remember another members pose but AJ doing sexy pose . Haha . He is so sporting ! After that , we celebrate AJ and DongHo's birthday as their birthday was in June . AJ was one 4th June while DongHo on 19th . We sang English Version birthday song to AJ and Korean Version birthday song to DongHo . Wahh ! Saeng-il Chukha Hamnida , saranghaeyo .

Well , break for a while because U-Kiss have to change for their performance . Yeah ! It started with 0330 . Ahh ! Don't deny our r2ㅠ ! Then is Bingeul Bingeul . Ahh ! I only look at my KiSeop because he is so cool when dancing . After that is Shut Up . Wahh ! Only look at my KiSeop again . But when it is Man Man Ha Ni , I only look at my DongHo . I really like to see him dancing Man Man Ha Ni .

Their performance ended but for the RM 650 , RM 480 and RM 330 ticket purchaser , we had a chance to shake hand with them and got an autographed album from them . Of course I am one the lucky girl . Haha . The first person I hand shake with is U-Kiss leader , SooHyun . I said to him , I love you and he reply , Ouh you are so beautiful . Ahh ! SooHyun , you are my boyfiee now :) Kak Adriana and her friend had a chat with SooHyun and SooHyun are lying . Haha . Naughty SooHyun . Then , it's Kevin . Sahira gave him choki choki and Kevin said thank you . Kevin's make up is so thick . Then it's Eli . Kak Adriana said that he hold Eli hand a bit longer than others . Haha . So lucky . Then , KiSeop will the first one giving all the album . He give the album to me with the sweetest smile and I said thank you . Seriously he is so cute . I love his smile . Next is DongHo . He is like in his world . Haha . But I cannot forget his smile ! After DongHo is AJ . He is so tall . Kak Adriana told us that she only look into AJ's eyes . Such a beautiful eyes . Haha :) And next is Hoon . Ahh ! I only shake his hand and smile . Ouh my , U-Kiss daebak ! I cannot forget all of them ! And my hand ... I keep it from anything else , So very really precious . Haha . Pics ? I will update it later . Just wanna story first .

U-Kiss , Saranghaeyo !

Date with my husband and Super Junior M 110528

That was my special day ever . At first , I don't want to go but my mom allowed me . So happy . Luckily Sahira went there with her sister's car . We arrive around 3-4 pm . Round and round to find the stage and finally found the stage even we were not sitting in front . But I can see them ( by standing on a chair ) I'm so short , you know ? Sahira and I wait from 6 o'clock . HAHA . The concert started at 10 p.m. So crazy but so many ELF there .

Yess , the concert started at 10 p.m . And they were singing Perfection as intro . I know it was lip sync and I know , that song was very hard to sing especially in Chinese . Never mind , my boys . Then , the MC had a chat with them . After that , they perform for another song , Blue Tomorrow . It is so sad coz there is no Siwon and DongHae . ( for sure it was more sad coz there is no HanGeng ) . Those two were very busy with their work in Taiwan . Siwon trying to comfort Malaysian ELf by twitting so many those day . HAHA .

5 lucky girls and 1 man have a chance to stand on stage with them , ask them a question and hug them ! So jealous but I know , if I was on the stage ... the thing that I can do is smiling . So , thanks :) For Henry , a malay girl ask him .
-What do you like about ELF ? -
Henry answered ( only remember those words )
-I love everything about ELF . They are so beautiful .-
For RyeoWook , a Japanese who can speak Chinese asked him . ( I do not remember the question . HAHA )
For SungMin , as I remember , it was a boy who asked him . ( I only focused on KyuHyun that time )
For ZhouMi , he bended his knee for the girl . Ouh my <3
For EunHyuk , the girl got back hug . So lucky . And EunHyuk also bended his knee and kiss HIS hand . HAHA ^^
And for my hubby , KyuHyun .. the girl was crying . So happy , I guess . Then , she got the longest time to hug . Grrr ~~ Ouh , the girl ask him .
-Which you like the most , game or fans ?-
KyuHyun look like cannot answer it . HAHA . His cute answer :
Seriously in Malay . HAHA !

They performed solo performances too .  Henry with Off My Mind . Zhou Mi .. I don't know . RyeoWook and KyuHyun also I don't know what song . Haha . But the most I like is EunHyuk's dance . He was very charismatic :) Then , they performed another song , Destiny and the ending song was Super Girl . And it was time to say goodbye . Annyeong Super Junior M but I'm very excited that time because SungMin told us to wait for Super Junior comeback this August . Argh ! SungMin's english was really WOW !

*Ouh my , thanks a lot to the MC who tought them say SAYANG SAYANG SAYANG . And CINTA YOU SAYANG . Thanks ! I reallly love Super Junior M . They are the best :) Thumbs up !


Friendship :)

Hey friends , you dont want to be friend with me ?
Okaay , let me tell you why we must no break up .
1.When you decide to study at midnight till 4.00 am , I am with you-even we are far away-but I accompany you . Remember or not ? I always call you to make sure that you are not sleeping yet .
2.When you lost your precious item , I spent an hour in the afternoon to find it for you . Even I found nothing but , it is not enough to you ?
3.If I have some problems , I always share it with you-mean I always rely on you and you are my crying shoulder.
4.It has been almost 2 years we are together and got lot of memories to keep with you .
5.You was born to be friend
But ...
Why are you being like this ? Have I did anything wrong to you ? Even if I hurt you with my word , it always because you hurt me first and it was a joke . I know I can live without you but I cannot live in a heartbreak condition . It is too obvious . I am telling you this , here , because I don't want to be such a hypocrite person . That is not me . And if you think that I am one of the factor that made your exam results so bad , I'm sorry but I need to tell you this , it is your own responbility to study or focus in whatever subject . Don't blame it on me . And if you think that I am so cruel to you or always hurt your feeling , copycat or whatsoever , why didn't you change your attitude ? All of this is because of your attitude . I don't care at all if you are so very really sensitive or not , but I need to tell you this . I am tired to be a good friend of you . Don't blame me , if I hurt your feeling more and more .

When friends let you DOWN  and are not there for you when you need them the most , its very heart wrenching .
Sometimes the reason why friends BETRAY you is just not known , which leaves you with a feeling of guilt that may be something went wrong from your side.
In case of Betrayal , being at the receiving end leaves you HURT CONFUSED and ANGRY .
You demand answers as to WHY have you been BETRAYED for absolutely no fault of yours .
The talks END abruptly , phone calls are not returned . HATE it as much as you want , you will have to come to terms with reality and ACCEPT that things were not meant to be.

CREDIT TO : http://huiloveherself.blogspot.com

I want to know .

I want to know , I really want to know . What is your feeling , boy ?
When you smile to me , what is your feeling ?
When you talked to me , what is your feeling ?
When you cheer me up , what is your feeling ?
I just want to know your true feeling .
The way you smile make me confuse .
The way you talk make me confuse .
The way you cheer me up make me confuse .
It is love ? Yes , girls are complicated ! That's why I need your answer .
What is your true feeling ?

I'm worried about them .

It's exam week but I'm still blogging .
I told you that I can't leave my blog !
I want to story something simple for you but hard for me .
I'm worried about them ? Who ? Why ?
Who ? - My friends
Why ? - They don't like me but they still acting nicely in front of me .
I just don't want them to be so hypocrite .
I admit that I was so very sensitive this year but frankly speaking ... I just don't like their style .
This year , PMR is waiting for me . So , I don't want this matter affect our study .
Friend , let just be friend .
Enemy , let just be  enemy .
Frankly speaking , it's hard for me to hate someone .
It's true . Even you call me somewhatever , I still can give you a big smile - to show my dimple ! HAHA !
Huh ? I'm talking nonsense ? Yeah , that's true . Help me please !

Choral Speaking - A Better Tomorrow

I'm typing this because I want to memorize it .
Tomorrow is the day - Anugerah Cemerlang 2010 .
A choral speaking from 3 Bestari : )

In thunder and lightning , here we come .
Ladies and gentlemen , we the children of today present to you

Malaysia is a multi-racial country ,
A country that belongs to all Malaysian,
With a shared history and a believe in a shared future .
Only a five letter word ,
Yet the foundation of multi racial Malaysia .
A cultural melting pot ,
A unique heritage of different races ,
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world ,
Malaysia , Truly Asia .

We have dances from joget to ngajat ,
All swaying beautiful to our angklung ,
In our baju kurung , cheongsam and sari ,
We have Malaysian who have made us proud .
Datuk Jimmy Choo ,
A cheapest pair cost RM 3000 ,
Really ?
Datuk Bernard Chandran ,
The fashion designer , extraordinaire !
Datuk Azhar Mansor ,
The braze seafaring adventurer .
Datuk Siti Nur Haliza ,
The song bird ,
Datuk Michelle Yeoh ,
The Bond Girl .

Malaysian love their food ,
The menu for breakfast , lunch and dinner will be as varied as it's people .
Char Kuey Tiow ,
Roti Canai ,
Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik ,
And don't forget the king of fruit , the Durian .
Eeeeeee ...
Nice la ...
How about the sago worms ?
Hey , they are delicious .
And nutritious .
Our famous Sarawak kek lapis ,
Exported to the rest of the world .
So defined , So refined , So divine .

The range is totally out of the world ,
From bullock carts to Gen-2 ,
Steam locomotives , monorails and ...
Believe it or not ,
RM 9.99 air ticket to Bali .
Now , everyone can fly .
Travelling has become a breeze .

Our famous Petronas Twin Tower ,
Wahh ...
A symbol of our aspiration ,

Cyberspace have become an important platform ,
For people to get what they want ,
It's the preferred choice ,
Among the younger generation ,
Like us !

Blogging is now becoming a trend ,
I have a blog ,
I have a blog too ,
Mine's multiply (My line - it's true what )
We all have blogs ,
Hey , even our politicians have blogs .
The internet cannot be neglected .
What will happen if we do ?
It will be like leaving our sword behind in a battle .

Into the final frontier ,
Here we come with our handsome angkasawan .
Uuuuuuu ...
A small step for Dr Syeikh Muszhafar ,
A giant leap for all Malaysians ,
He is the symbol of possibility ,
If he can do it , So can we .

In the world of sport ,
We have our fare shared of joy and tears ,
Agony of defeat , Glory of success .
We have made of presence felt in more ways than one .
Datuk Nicole Ann David ,
Squashing her rivals ,
Danial Bego and Bryan Lomas ,
Making wave whereever they go ,
With their skill and dexterity ,
Datuk Shalin Zulkifli ,
Will bowl you over ,
Strike ! Yes !
Datuk Lee Chong Wei ,
Ruling the courts over the world .
Our Malaysians sport star ,
A beacon of hope and inspiraton .

Our tourist spot are the best among the world ,
Sipadan , a heaven for divers ,
Penang , Pearl of Orient ,
Malacca , Historical City ,
Terengganu , home to the leatherback turtles ,
Sarawak , land of the Hornbills ,
Come one , come all if you will .
Mulu Caves ,
World Herritage Site .

We the present generation must ensure that our flora and fauna ,
And our rich biodiversity , must remain intact .
We must safegurad it for our future generation ,
We , the youths of Malaysia want a country ,
Founded on security , peace and prosperity ,
Upholding the principle of our Rukun Negara ,
We want forward thinking Malaysians ,
To meet the challenges of globalization ,
Let us all work together ,
Hand in hand to create A BETTER TOMORROW .

One voice ,
One hope ,
One nation ,