Will You Be Alright ?

Have you thought through the words you just spit out ? Do you know that you can’t turn things back easily ? I hate that you look sorry and sad . This might be our last time so please smile . Rather than me without you , you without me makes me more worried . Because you’re not good at doing things on your own . Will you be alright ? Even if I’m not by your side ? You get lonely so easily . Will you be alright ? Without a person to argue with . Without a person to joke around and laugh with . Think of it twice , think it through again . If you leave me , will you really be alright without me ? Because you’re clumsy at everything without me . Because the you that I know is like a child . Where are you going ? Why you wanna go ? In the end , you start to cry . What am I supposed to do now ? How can I let you go ? You are going to fall apart . Will you be alright ?

Only You

I thought it was over because it was exactly like the breakup formula my friends told me about . I thought if I endured through a couple days , I would forget someone like you . But the me inside is whispering that there won’t be another person I’ll love the way I loved you , that I’ll wander around here and there and go back to you , that this can’t be the end .  Why did you do that back then ? Was it because you were sick of me ? Or did I do something wrong ? They say men are like this . They say not to always be by their sides and not to treat them well all the time . But I like you , so what can I do ? I hate you for making me cry . I curse at you and resent you but like a lie , my heart was frozen cold but it melts down in front of you . Just like the seasons change from cold winter to spring . I’m melting because of you  , because I’m a fool , because I know nothing but you . That’s why I’m melting again