Miss You

It hurts since I can’t forget everything . It looks like here is not the place where you’re supposed to be . You don’t have to hold back for me .  Everything will end someday anyway .  My love just can’t seem to reach you .  Just as much as the amount of tears that flowed , it’s still far away to go . I have to forget you but I miss you so much . Even if you never know how much it hurts , I will forget you . I’m a fool , you know me . My heart’s been ripped apart, but I can only smile . I’ll still be waiting for you till forever . As I will keep hiding my tears . Would you come back to me ? To forget you , even to erase you .  For me they are very difficult things to do .  My heart just doesn't seem to reach you . Tears keep rolling down like crazy . I think I can’t do it . I can’t forget you . Even if I just feel like dying , I can’t let go of your love . I'll live this way .